( coups    plural  )
1       n-count   When there is a coup, a group of people seize power in a country.   (=coup d'état)  
...a military coup..., They were sentenced to death for their part in April's coup attempt.     
2       n-count   A coup is an achievement which is thought to be especially good because it was very difficult.  
The sale is a big coup for the auction house...     

coup de grace     
A coup de grace is an action or event which finally destroys something, for example an institution, which has been gradually growing weaker.  
FORMAL      n-sing   (=death blow)  
Irving Kristol delivered the coup de grace in a letter dated June 12: they had decided to reject the proposal.     
coup d'état     ( coups d'état    plural  ) When there is a coup d'état, a group of people seize power in a country.      n-count  
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accomplishment, action, deed, exploit, feat, manoeuvre, masterstroke, stratagem, stroke, stroke of genius, stunt, tour de force  

coup d'état     
coup, overthrow, palace revolution, putsch, rebellion, seizure of power, takeover  

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