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  ( gates    plural  )
1       n-count   A gate is a structure like a door which is used at the entrance to a field, a garden, or the grounds of a building.  
He opened the gate and started walking up to the house.     
2       n-count   In an airport, a gate is a place where passengers leave the airport and get on their aeroplane.  
Passengers with hand luggage can go straight to the departure gate to check in there.     
3       n-in-names   Gate is used in the names of streets in Britain that are in a place where there once was a gate into a city.  
...9 Palace Gate.     
4       n-count   The gate at a sporting event such as a football match or baseball game is the total number of people who attend it.  
Their average gate is less than 23,000.     

gate money     
Gate money is the total amount of money that is paid by the people who go to a sports match or other event.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-uncount  
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access, barrier, door, doorway, egress, entrance, exit, gateway, opening, passage, port     (Scot.)   portal  

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