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  ( mellower    comparative)   ( mellowest    superlative)   ( mellows    3rd person present)   ( mellowing    present participle)   ( mellowed    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   Mellow is used to describe things that have a pleasant, soft, rich colour, usually red, orange, yellow, or brown.  
usu ADJ n/colour  
...the softer, mellower light of evening.     
2       adj   A mellow sound or flavour is pleasant, smooth, and rich.  
His voice was deep and mellow and his speech had a soothing and comforting quality., ...a delightfully mellow, soft and balanced wine.     
3       verb   If someone mellows or if something mellows them, they become kinder or less extreme in their behaviour, especially as a result of growing older.  
When the children married and had children of their own, he mellowed a little...      V  
Marriage had not mellowed him.      V n  
      Mellow is also an adjective., adj  
Is she more mellow and tolerant?     
4       adj   If someone is mellow, they feel very relaxed and cheerful, especially as the result of alcohol or good food.  
INFORMAL   He'd had a few glasses of champagne himself and was fairly mellow...     
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1    delicate, full-flavoured, juicy, mature, perfect, rich, ripe, soft, sweet, well-matured  
2    dulcet, euphonic, full, mellifluous, melodious, rich, rounded, smooth, sweet, tuneful, well-tuned  
3    cheerful, cordial, elevated, expansive, genial, half-tipsy, happy, jolly, jovial, merry     (Brit. informal)   relaxed  
4    develop, improve, mature, perfect, ripen, season, soften, sweeten  
,       adj  
1    green, immature, raw, sour, unripe  
      vb   brutalize, harden  

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