( mesmerizes    3rd person present)   ( mesmerizing    present participle)   ( mesmerized    past tense & past participle  )
in BRIT, also use mesmerise      If you are mesmerized by something, you are so interested in it or so attracted to it that you cannot think about anything else.      verb  
He was absolutely mesmerised by Pavarotti on television...      be V-ed  
There was something about Pearl that mesmerised her.      V n  
  mesmerized      adj   usu v-link ADJ  
I sat mesmerized long after the fairground closed.     
  mesmerizing      adj   ADJ n  
She has a mesmerising smile.     
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absorb, captivate, enthral, entrance, fascinate, grip, hold spellbound, hypnotize, magnetize, spellbind  

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