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  ( peeks    3rd person present)   ( peeking    present participle)   ( peeked    past tense & past participle  ) If you peek at something or someone, you have a quick look at them, often secretly.      verb   (=peep)  
On two occasions she had peeked at him through a crack in the wall.      V at n  
      Peek is also a noun., n-count   usu a N, oft N at/into n   (=peep)  
American firms have been paying outrageous fees for a peek at the technical data.     
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      vb   glance, keek     (Scot.)   look, peep, peer, snatch a glimpse, sneak a look, spy, squinny, take or have a gander     (informal)   take a look  
      n   blink, butcher's     (Brit. slang)   gander     (informal)   glance, glim     (Scot.)   glimpse, keek     (Scot.)   look, look-see     (slang)   peep, shufti     (Brit. slang)  

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