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  ( perks    plural & 3rd person present)   ( perking    present participle)   ( perked    past tense & past participle  ) Perks are special benefits that are given to people who have a particular job or belong to a particular group.      n-count   usu pl  
...a company car, private medical insurance and other perks..., One of the perks of being a student is cheap travel.      perk up  
1       phrasal verb   If something perks you up or if you perk up, you become cheerful and lively, after feeling tired, bored, or depressed.  
He perks up and jokes with them.      V P  
...suggestions to make you smile and perk you up.      V n P  
2       phrasal verb   If you perk something up, you make it more interesting.  
To make the bland taste more interesting, the locals began perking it up with local produce...      V n P  
Psychological twists perk up an otherwise predictable story line.      V P n  
3       phrasal verb   If sales, prices, or economies perk up, or if something perks them up, they begin to increase or improve.     (JOURNALISM)  
House prices could perk up during the autumn...      V P  
Anything that could save the company money and perk up its cash flow was examined.      V P n (not pron), Also V n P  
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benefit, bonus, dividend, extra, fringe benefit, icing on the cake, perquisite, plus  

perk up     
brighten, buck up     (informal)   cheer up, liven up, look up, pep up, rally, recover, recuperate, revive, take heart  

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