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The determiner is pronounced [PH:D][PH:I][PH:s]. In other cases, this is pronounced [PH:D][PH:I][PH:s].     
1       det   You use this to refer back to a particular person or thing that has been mentioned or implied.  
DET sing-n/n-uncount  
When food comes out of any oven, it should stand a while. During this delay the centre carries on cooking..., On 1 October the US suspended a proposed $574 million aid package for 1991. Of this amount, $250 million is for military purchases.     
      This is also a pronoun., pron  
I don't know how bad the injury is, because I have never had one like this before.     
2       pron   You use this to introduce someone or something that you are going to talk about.  
This is what I will do. I will telephone Anna and explain.     
      This is also a determiner., det   DET sing-n/n-uncount  
This report is from David Cook of our Science Unit: `Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?'     
3       pron   You use this to refer back to an idea or situation expressed in a previous sentence or sentences.  
You feel that it's uneconomic to insist that people work together in groups. Why is this?...     
      This is also a determiner., det   DET sing-n/n-uncount  
There have been continual demands for action by the political authorities to put an end to this situation.     
4       det   In spoken English, people use this to introduce a person or thing into a story.  
DET sing-n  
I came here by chance and was just watching what was going on, when this girl attacked me...     
5       pron   You use this to refer to a person or thing that is near you, especially when you touch them or point to them. When there are two or more people or things near you, this refers to the nearest one.  
`If you'd prefer something else I'll gladly have it changed for you.'<emdash>`No, this is great.'..., `Is this what you were looking for?' Bradley produced the handkerchief...     
      This is also a determiner., det   DET sing-n  
This church was built in the eleventh century.     
6       pron   You use this when you refer to a general situation, activity, or event which is happening or has just happened and which you feel involved in.  
PRON with be  
I thought, this is why I've travelled thousands of miles..., Tim, this is awful. I know what you must think, but it's not so...     
7       det   You use this when you refer to the place you are in now or to the present time.  
DET sing-n/n-uncount  
We've stopped transporting weapons to this country by train..., I think coffee is probably the best thing at this point...     
      This is also a pronoun., pron  
This is the worst place I've come across...     
8       det   You use this to refer to the next occurrence in the future of a particular day, month, season, or festival.  
DET sing-n  
We're getting married this June...     
9       adv   You use this when you are indicating the size or shape of something with your hands.  
ADV adj  
They'd said the wound was only about this big you see and he showed me with his fingers.     
10       adv   You use this when you are going to specify how much you know or how much you can tell someone.  
ADV adv  
I am not going to reveal what my seven-year plan is, but I will tell you this much, if it works out, the next seven years will be very interesting.     
11       convention   If you say this is it, you are agreeing with what someone else has just said.,   (formulae)    `You know, people conveniently forget the things they say.'<emdash>`Well this is it.'     
12       pron   You use this in order to say who you are or what organization you are representing, when you are speaking on the telephone, radio, or television.  
Hello, this is John Thompson...     
13       det   You use this to refer to the medium of communication that you are using at the time of speaking or writing.  
DET sing-n  
What I'm going to do in this lecture is focus on something very specific...     
15    If you say that you are doing or talking about this and that, or this, that, and the other you mean that you are doing or talking about a variety of things that you do not want to specify.  
this and that/this, that, and the other             phrase  
`And what are you doing now?'<emdash>`Oh this and that.'     
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wait for something, usually linked to a previous event, to happen; expect something that can not be avoided to happen
A rotten apple is a member of a group, or a single element in a set of things, that is bad and likely to corrupt the other people or things in the group
Allusion to the expression "One bad apple spoils the barrel"
acronym for Let Me Know, as to ask the other party to get back to you
technique used for smoking a marijuana joint in two, consisting in one person inhaling the smoke exhaled by the other one
a person, generally a man, dedicated to improving his skills in attracting and seducing the other sex
Other spelling : Pickup artist The use of "pick up" in this context comes from American slang and means becoming acquainted with, esp. with a view to having sexual relations
absolutely not; not in this lifetime
Slang expression used mostly in 19th century
person who is very important and dear without formally being the spouse
ruling other people things
I respect the people in the past who were dominant and had power to control a government such as Nobutaka Oda who was a samurai because he controlled almost all areas in Japan.
if people live in each other's pocket, they spend a lot of time together
Help!! Trying to find this out of use word that I belive means a burdensome fine or levy
Term used to describe low grade marijuana. This type of marijuana is usually brown, seedy, dry. The term is also used by many pot heads to describe anything that is low grade.
The actual say is: "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" This means that it is easier to persuade people if you use polite arguments and flattery than if you are confrontational.
You say 'top that!' when you have achieved something and you want to challenge other people to do better
I know four celebrities - top that!
Drug that produces Mydriasis
face a specific situation; act in a certain way
E.g.: John went out of rehab a few days ago and he is determined to not go down that road again.
¡no toques eso!
expression used to describe a lost opportunity or something that is unlikely to happen in the current circumstances
something that improves morale
expression used to show full agreement on smth.
A list of blogs on a blog (usually placed in the sidebar of a blog) that reads as a list of recommendations by the blogger of other blogs.
the process of reaching a conclusion about something because of other things that you know to be true
[US] I often find my stuff by using deduction but sometimes it doesn't help at all.
1. a package containing food, clothes or other items that the receiver has difficulties in procuring by himself; 2. a package containing small gifts for close persons
consider that two parties don't owe anything to each other
is a test process that is performed after the software has been changed in order to verify if the changes didn't affect other software parts
face that people are showing during orgasm
to release sth that is tied up
software created with the purpose of testing other software
meet; cross each other's lives; be brought together
E.g.:They crossed paths fifteen years ago and they are best friends since then.
a person who does not care too much about the others, a little rude, assertive
this expression means 'he is very good at criticizing others but he can't accept criticism from others'


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