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  ( whispers    plural & 3rd person present)   ( whispering    present participle)   ( whispered    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When you whisper, you say something very quietly, using your breath rather than your throat, so that only one person can hear you.  
`Keep your voice down,' I whispered...      V with quote  
She sat on Rossi's knee as he whispered in her ear...      V prep  
He whispered the message to David...      V n prep  
Somebody whispered that films like that were illegal...      V that  
She whispered his name.      V n  
      Whisper is also a noun., n-count  
Men were talking in whispers in every office.     
2       verb   If people whisper about a piece of information, they talk about it, although it might not be true or accurate, or might be a secret.  
Today, we no longer gasp when we hear a teenage girl is pregnant or whisper about unmarried couples who live together...      V about wh/n  
It is whispered that he intended to resign...      it be V-ed that  
But don't whisper a word of that.      V n  
      Whisper is also a noun., n-count   (=rumour)  
I've heard a whisper that the Bishop intends to leave.     

stage whisper        ( stage whispers    plural  ) , stage-whisper   If someone says something in a stage whisper, they say it as if they are speaking privately to one person, although it is actually loud enough to be heard by other people.      n-count  
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1    breathe, murmur, say softly, speak in hushed tones, utter under the breath  
2    gossip, hint, insinuate, intimate, murmur, spread rumours  
3    hiss, murmur, rustle, sigh, sough, susurrate     (literary)   swish  
4    hushed tone, low voice, murmur, soft voice, undertone  
5    hiss, murmur, rustle, sigh, sighing, soughing, susurration or susurrus     (literary)   swish  
6    breath, fraction, hint, shadow, suggestion, suspicion, tinge, trace, whiff  
7      (informal)   buzz, dirt     (U.S. slang)   gossip, innuendo, insinuation, report, rumour, scuttlebutt     (U.S. slang)   word  
1    bawl, bellow, clamour, roar, shout, thunder, yell  

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