1    the act of motion brought about by raising the foot and setting it down again in coordination with the transference of the weight of the body  
2    the distance or space covered by such a motion  
3    the sound made by such a movement  
4    the impression made by such movement of the foot; footprint  
5    the manner of walking or moving the feet; gait  
he received his prize with a proud step     
6    a sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance or part of a dance  
I have mastered the steps of the waltz     
7    any of several paces or rhythmic movements in marching, dancing, etc.  
the goose step     
8    pl   a course followed by a person in walking or as walking  
they followed in their leader's steps     
9    one of a sequence of separate consecutive stages in the progression towards some goal  
another step towards socialism     
10    a rank or grade in a series or scale  
he was always a step behind     
11    an object or device that offers support for the foot when ascending or descending  
12    pl   a flight of stairs, esp. out of doors  
13    pl      another name for       stepladder  
14    a very short easily walked distance  
it is only a step to my place     
15      (Music)   a melodic interval of a second  
   See       whole tone       half-step  
16    an offset or change in the level of a surface similar to the step of a stair  
17    a strong block or frame bolted onto the keel of a vessel and fitted to receive the base of a mast  
18    a ledge cut in mining or quarrying excavations  
19    break step          to cease to march in step  
20    keep step   to remain walking, marching, dancing, etc., in unison or in a specified rhythm  
21    in step  
a    marching, dancing, etc., in conformity with a specified pace or moving in unison with others  
b    Informal   in agreement or harmony  
22    out of step  
a    not moving in conformity with a specified pace or in accordance with others  
b    Informal   not in agreement; out of harmony  
23    step by step   with care and deliberation; gradually  
24    take steps   to undertake measures (to do something) with a view to the attainment of some end  
25    watch one's step  
a    Informal   to conduct oneself with caution and good behaviour  
b    to walk or move carefully  
      vb   , steps, stepping, stepped  
26    intr   to move by raising the foot and then setting it down in a different position, transferring the weight of the body to this foot and repeating the process with the other foot  
27    intr; often foll by: in, out, etc.   to move or go on foot, esp. for a short distance  
step this way, ladies     
28    intr  
Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   to move, often in an attractive graceful manner, as in dancing  
he can really step around     
29    intr; usually foll by: on or upon   to place or press the foot; tread  
to step on the accelerator     
30    intr; usually foll by: into   to enter (into a situation) apparently with ease  
she stepped into a life of luxury     
31    tr   to walk or take (a number of paces, etc.)  
to step ten paces     
32    tr   to perform the steps of  
they step the tango well     
33    tr   to set or place (the foot)  
34    tr; usually foll by: off or out   to measure (some distance of ground) by stepping  
35    tr   to arrange in or supply with a series of steps so as to avoid coincidence or symmetry  
36    tr   to raise (a mast) and fit it into its step,   (See also)        step down       step in       step on       step out       step up  
     (Old English stepe, stæpe; related to Old Frisian stap, stepe, Old High German stapfo (German Stapfe footprint), Old Norse stapi high rock)  
  steplike      adj  
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1    footfall, footprint, footstep, gait, impression, pace, print, stride, trace, track, walk  
2    act, action, deed, expedient, manoeuvre, means, measure, move, procedure, proceeding  
3    take steps      act, intervene, move in, prepare, take action, take measures, take the initiative  
4    advance, advancement, move, phase, point, process, progression, stage  
5    degree, level, rank, remove  
6    doorstep, round, rung, stair, tread  
7    in step      coinciding, conforming, in agreement, in conformity, in harmony, in line, in unison  
8    out of step      erratic, incongruous, in disagreement, out of harmony, out of line, out of phase, pulling different ways  
9    watch one's step      be canny, be careful, be cautious, be discreet, be on one's guard, have one's wits about one, look out, mind how one goes, mind one's p's and q's, take care, take heed, tread carefully  
10    move, pace, tread, walk  

step down     
abdicate, bow out, give up, hand over, leave, pull out, quit, resign, retire  
step in     
become involved, chip in     (informal)   intercede, intervene, take action, take a hand  
step up     
accelerate, augment, boost, escalate, increase, intensify, raise, speed up, up  

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