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a    a reversible fabric, usually silk or linen, with a pattern woven into it. It is used for table linen, curtains, etc.  
b    table linen made from this  
c    (as modifier)  
a damask tablecloth     
2       short for       Damascus steel  
3    the wavy markings on such steel  
a    the greyish-pink colour of the damask rose  
b    (as adj.)  
damask wallpaper     
5    tr      another word for       damascene       1  
     (C14: from Medieval Latin damascus, from Damascus, where this fabric was originally made)  

damask rose  
      n   a rose, Rosa damascena, native to Asia and cultivated for its pink or red fragrant flowers, which are used to make the perfume attar  
     (C16: from Medieval Latin rosa damascena rose of Damascus)  
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