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1    any machine designed to convert energy, esp. thermal energy, into mechanical work  
a steam engine, a petrol engine     
a    a railway locomotive  
b    (as modifier)  
the engine cab     
3      (Military)   any of various pieces of equipment formerly used in warfare, such as a battering ram or gun  
4    Obsolete   any instrument or device  
engines of torture     
     (C13: from Old French engin, from Latin ingenium nature, talent, ingenious contrivance, from in-2 + -genium, related to gignere to beget, produce)  

aero engine  
      n   an engine for powering an aircraft  
air engine  
1    an engine that uses the expansion of heated air to drive a piston  
2    a small engine that uses compressed air to drive a piston  
beam engine  
      n   an early type of steam engine, in which a pivoted beam is vibrated by a vertical steam cylinder at one end, so that it transmits motion to the workload, such as a pump, at the other end  
bypass engine  
      n   a gas turbine in which a part of the compressor delivery bypasses the combustion zone, flowing directly into or around the main exhaust gas flow to provide additional thrust  
   Compare       turbofan  
compound engine  
1    a steam engine in which the steam is expanded in more than one stage, first in a high-pressure cylinder and then in one or more low-pressure cylinders  
2    a reciprocating engine in which the exhaust gases are expanded in a turbine to drive a supercharger  
compression-ignition engine  
      n   a type of internal-combustion engine, such as a diesel, in which ignition occurs as a result of the rise in temperature caused by compression of the mixture in the cylinder  
diesel engine   , motor  
      n   a type of internal-combustion engine in which atomized fuel oil is sprayed into the cylinder and ignited by compression alone  
donkey engine  
      n   a small auxiliary engine, such as one used for pumping water into the boilers of a steamship  
engine driver  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a man who drives a railway locomotive; train driver  
engine pod  
      n     (Aeronautics)   an aircraft turbojet unit comprising the engine and its cowling suspended by a pylon, often below the wing  
engine room  
      n   a place where engines are housed, esp. on a ship  
external-combustion engine  
      n   a heat engine in which the working fluid is heated in an external boiler or heat exchanger and is thus isolated from the process of fuel combustion  
fire engine  
      n   a heavy road vehicle that carries firemen and fire-fighting equipment to a fire  
gas engine  
      n   a type of internal-combustion engine using a flammable gas, such as coal gas or natural gas, as fuel  
heat engine  
      n   an engine that converts heat energy into mechanical energy  
internal-combustion engine  
      n   a heat engine in which heat is supplied by burning the fuel in the working fluid (usually air)  
ion engine  
      n   a type of rocket engine in which thrust is obtained by the electrostatic acceleration of charged positive ions  
   Compare       plasma engine  
jet engine  
      n   a gas turbine, esp. one fitted to an aircraft  
light engine  
      n   a railway locomotive in motion without drawing any carriages or wagons,   (U.S. equivalent)    wildcat  
overhead-valve engine  
      n   a type of internal-combustion engine in which the inlet and exhaust valves are in the cylinder head above the pistons,   (U.S. name)    valve-in-head engine      Compare       side-valve engine  
petrol engine  
      n   an internal-combustion engine that uses petrol as fuel  
pilot engine  
      n   a locomotive that leads one or more other locomotives at the head of a train of coaches or wagons  
plasma engine  
      n   an engine that generates thrust by reaction to the emission of a jet of plasma  
radial engine  
      n   an internal-combustion engine having a number of cylinders arranged about a central crankcase  
reaction engine   , motor  
      n   an engine, such as a jet or rocket engine, that ejects gas at high velocity and develops its thrust from the ensuing reaction  
reciprocating engine  
      n   an engine in which one or more pistons move backwards and forwards inside a cylinder or cylinders  
rocket engine  
      n   a reaction engine in which a fuel and oxidizer are burnt in a combustion chamber, the products of combustion expanding through a nozzle and producing thrust,   (Also called)    rocket motor  
rotary engine  
1    an internal-combustion engine having radial cylinders that rotate about a fixed crankshaft  
2    an engine, such as a turbine or wankel engine, in which power is transmitted directly to rotating components  
search engine  
      n     (Computing)   a service provided on the Internet enabling users to search for items of interest  
side-valve engine  
      n   a type of internal-combustion engine in which the inlet and exhaust valves are in the cylinder block at the side of the pistons  
   Compare       overhead-valve engine  
stationary engine  
      n   an engine that remains in a fixed position, esp. one in a building that drives generators or other machinery  
  stationary engineer      n  
      n   an engine that uses the thermal energy of steam to produce mechanical work, esp. one in which steam from a boiler is expanded in a cylinder to drive a reciprocating piston  
Stirling engine  
      n   an external-combustion engine that uses air or an inert gas as the working fluid operating on a highly efficient thermodynamic cycle (the Stirling cycle)  
     (named after Robert Stirling (1790--1878), Scottish minister who invented it)  
tank engine   , locomotive  
      n   a steam locomotive that carries its water supply in tanks mounted around its boiler  
traction engine  
      n   a steam-powered locomotive used, esp. formerly, for drawing heavy loads along roads or over rough ground. It usually has two large rear wheels and a rope drum for haulage purposes  
triple expansion engine  
      n   (formerly) a steam engine in which the steam is expanded in three stages in cylinders of increasing diameter to accommodate the increasing volume of the steam  
turbojet engine  
      n   a gas turbine in which the exhaust gases provide the propulsive thrust to drive an aircraft  
valve-in-head engine  
      n      the U.S. name for       overhead-valve engine  
V-type engine  
      n   a type of internal-combustion engine having two cylinder blocks attached to a single crankcase, the angle between the two blocks forming a V  
Wankel engine  
      n   a type of four-stroke internal-combustion engine without reciprocating parts. It consists of one or more approximately elliptical combustion chambers within which a curved triangular-shaped piston rotates, by the explosion of compressed gas, dividing the combustion chamber into three gastight sections  
     (C20: named after Felix Wankel (1902--88), German engineer who invented it)  
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1    machine, mechanism, motor  
2    agency, agent, apparatus, appliance, contrivance, device, implement, instrument, means, tool, weapon  

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