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1    a long narrative poem recounting in elevated style the deeds of a legendary hero, esp. one originating in oral folk tradition  
2    the genre of epic poetry  
3    any work of literature, film, etc., having heroic deeds for its subject matter or having other qualities associated with the epic  
a Hollywood epic     
4    an episode in the lives of men in which heroic deeds are performed or attempted  
the epic of Scott's expedition to the South Pole     
5    denoting, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics  
6    of heroic or impressive proportions  
an epic voyage     
     (C16: from Latin epicus, from Greek epikos, from epos speech, word, song)  

epic simile  
      n   an extended simile, as used in the epic poetry of Homer and other writers  
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An avant-garde, experimental and encyclopaedism-focused poetry group founded by Chinese epic poet Yin Xiaoyuan
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