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1    intr   (esp. of pigs and some other animals) to emit a low short gruff noise  
2    when tr, may take a clause as object   to express something gruffly  
he grunted his answer     
3    the characteristic low short gruff noise of pigs, etc., or a similar sound, as of disgust  
4    any of various mainly tropical marine sciaenid fishes, such as Haemulon macrostomum (Spanish grunt), that utter a grunting sound when caught  
5      (U.S.)  
slang   an infantry soldier or U.S. marine, esp. in the Vietnam War  
     (Old English grunnettan, probably of imitative origin; compare Old High German grunnizon, grunni moaning, Latin grunnire)  
   gruntingly             adv  
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