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1    when intr, often foll by: at   to behave with scorn or contempt (towards); show ridicule (for)  
2    tr   to imitate, esp. in fun; mimic  
3    tr   to deceive, disappoint, or delude  
4    tr   to defy or frustrate  
the team mocked the visitors' attempt to score     
5    the act of mocking  
6    a person or thing mocked  
7    a counterfeit; imitation  
8    often pl  
Informal   (in England and Wales) the school examinations taken as practice before public examinations  
      adj   prenominal  
9    sham or counterfeit  
10    serving as an imitation or substitute, esp. for practice purposes  
a mock battle, mock finals        (See also)        mock-up  
     (C15: from Old French mocquer)  
  mockable      adj  
  mocker      n  
  mocking      n, adj  
  mockingly      adv  

1    (of a literary work, esp. a poem) imitating the style of heroic poetry in order to satirize an unheroic subject, as in Pope's The Rape of the Lock  
2    burlesque imitation of the heroic style or of a single work in this style  
mock moon  
      n      another name for       paraselene  
mock orange  
1      (Also called)    syringa   any shrub of the genus Philadelphus, esp. P. coronarius, with white fragrant flowers that resemble those of the orange: family Philadelphaceae  
2    any other shrub or tree that resembles the orange tree  
mock sun  
      n      another name for       parhelion  
mock turtle soup  
      n   an imitation turtle soup made from a calf's head  
1    a working full-scale model of a machine, apparatus, etc., for testing, research, etc.  
2    a layout of printed matter  
  mock up  
3    tr, adv   to build or make a mock-up of  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  



1    chaff, deride, flout, insult, jeer, laugh at, laugh to scorn, make a monkey out of, make fun of, poke fun at, ridicule, scoff, scorn, show contempt for, sneer, take the mickey (out of)     (informal)   take the piss (out of)     (taboo slang)   taunt, tease, wind up     (Brit. slang)  
2    ape, burlesque, caricature, counterfeit, do     (informal)   imitate, lampoon, mimic, parody, satirize, send up     (Brit. informal)   take off     (informal)   travesty  
3    belie, cheat, deceive, delude, disappoint, dupe, elude, fool, let down, mislead  
4    defeat, defy, disappoint, foil, frustrate, thwart  
5    banter, derision, gibe, jeering, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneer, sneering  
6    Aunt Sally     (Brit.)   butt, dupe, fool, jest, laughing stock, sport, travesty  
7    counterfeit, fake, forgery, fraud, imitation, phoney or phony     (informal)   sham  
8    artificial, bogus, counterfeit, dummy, ersatz, fake, faked, false, feigned, forged, fraudulent, imitation, phoney or phony     (informal)   pretended, pseudo     (informal)   sham, spurious  
,       vb   encourage, praise, respect, revere  
      adj   authentic, genuine, natural, real, sincere, true, unfeigned  

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