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      n   Latin genitive   , Piscium  
1      (Astronomy)   a faint extensive zodiacal constellation lying between Aquarius and Aries on the ecliptic  
2      (Astrology)  
a      (Also called)    the Fishes   the twelfth sign of the zodiac, symbol <pisces>, having a mutable water classification and ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. The sun is in this sign between about Feb. 19 and March 20  
b    a person born when the sun is in this sign  
a    a taxonomic group that comprises all fishes  
   See       fish       1  
b    a taxonomic group that comprises the bony fishes only  
   See       teleost  
4      (Astrology)   born under or characteristic of Pisces,   (Also (for senses 2b, 4))    Piscean  
     (C14: Latin: the fishes)  
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