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rail against v.
to criticise loudly and angrily

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replacement of a rail transport service (tram, subway, train) with a bus
[Neologism] from "bus" and "substitution"
synhtetic pyrethroid pesticide C21 H20 CL2 O3 used espacially against insects ticks and mites
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1    a horizontal bar of wood, metal, etc., supported by vertical posts, functioning as a fence, barrier, handrail, etc.  
2    a horizontal bar fixed to a wall on which to hang things  
a picture rail     
3    a horizontal framing member in a door or piece of panelling  
   Compare       stile   2  
4       short for       railing  
5    one of a pair of parallel bars laid on a prepared track, roadway, etc., that serve as a guide and running surface for the wheels of a railway train, tramcar, etc.  
a       short for       railway  
b    (as modifier)  
rail transport     
7      (Nautical)   a trim for finishing the top of a bulwark  
8    off the rails  
a    into or in a state of dysfunction or disorder  
b    eccentric or mad  
      vb   tr  
9    to provide with a rail or railings  
10    usually foll by: in or off   to fence (an area) with rails  
     (C13: from Old French raille rod, from Latin regula ruler, straight piece of wood)  
  railless      adj  
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