1    the killing of animals, esp. for food  
2    the savage killing of a person  
3    the indiscriminate or brutal killing of large numbers of people, as in war; massacre  
4    Informal   a resounding defeat  
      vb   tr  
5    to kill (animals), esp. for food  
6    to kill in a brutal manner  
7    to kill indiscriminately or in large numbers  
8    Informal   to defeat resoundingly  
     (Old English sleaht; related to Old Norse slattar hammering, slatr butchered meat, Old High German slahta, Gothic slauhts, German Schlacht battle)  
  slaughterer      n  
  slaughterous      adj  
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1    blood bath, bloodshed, butchery, carnage, extermination, holocaust, killing, liquidation, massacre, murder, slaying  
2    butcher, destroy, do to death, exterminate, kill, liquidate, massacre, murder, put to the sword, slay, take out     (slang)  
3      (informal)   blow out of the water     (slang)   crush, defeat, hammer     (informal)   lick     (informal)   overwhelm, rout, stuff     (slang)   tank     (slang)   thrash, trounce, undo, vanquish, wipe the floor with     (informal)  

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