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,   (U.S.)   theater  
a    a building designed for the performance of plays, operas, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a theatre ticket     
c    (in combination)  
a theatregoer     
2    a large room or hall, usually with a raised platform and tiered seats for an audience, used for lectures, film shows, etc.  
3      (Also called)    operating theatre   a room in a hospital or other medical centre equipped for surgical operations  
4    plays regarded collectively as a form of art  
5    the theatre   the world of actors, theatrical companies, etc.  
the glamour of the theatre     
6    a setting for dramatic or important events  
7    writing that is suitable for dramatic presentation  
a good piece of theatre     
8      (U.S., Austral., N.Z.)      the usual word for       cinema       1  
9    a major area of military activity  
the theatre of operations     
10    a circular or semicircular open-air building with tiers of seats  
     (C14: from Latin theatrum, from Greek theatron place for viewing, from theasthai to look at; related to Greek thauma miracle)  

Abbey Theatre  
      n   an influential theatre in Dublin (opened 1904): associated with it were Synge, Yeats, Lady Gregory, and O'Casey. It was destroyed by fire in 1951 but was rebuilt; it reopened in 1966  
arena theatre  
      n      another term for       theatre-in-the-round  
coup de théâtre     (French)  
      n   pl   , coups de théâtre  
1    a dramatic turn of events, esp. in a play  
2    a sensational device of stagecraft  
3    a stage success  
     (literally: stroke of the theatre)  
little theatre  
      n     (Theatre)     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   experimental or avant-garde drama, usually amateur, originating from a theatrical movement of the 1920s  
National Theatre  
      n      the former name of the       Royal National Theatre  
operating theatre  
      n   a room in which surgical operations are performed  
Royal National Theatre  
      n   a theatre complex in London, on the S bank of the Thames (opened 1976). The prefix Royal was added in 1988. It houses the Royal National Theatre Company  
street theatre  
      n   dramatic entertainments performed esp. in shopping precincts  
      n   pl   , theatres-in-the-round  
1    a theatre with seats arranged around a central acting area  
2    drama written or designed for performance in such a theatre,   (Also called)    arena theatre  
theatre of cruelty  
      n   a type of theatre advocated by Antonin Artaud in Le Théâtre et son double that seeks to communicate to its audience a sense of pain, suffering, and evil, using gesture, movement, sound, and symbolism rather than language  
theatre of the absurd  
      n   drama in which normal conventions and dramatic structure are ignored or modified in order to present life as irrational or meaningless  
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very thin fabric used for theatre backdrops, translucent curtains etc
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