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je suppose.
J'imagine !
je suppose. je devine. je parie.
je pense que c'est juste
je pense que ...
nous supposons.
Devine ce que j'ai fait hier soir!
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I guess so
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   (=make a guess)   deviner  
→ As you've probably guessed, the problem was electrical.        
Guess!      Devine!  
to guess wrong      se tromper  
Janice guessed wrong.      Janice s'est trompée.  
to keep sb guessing      laisser qn dans le doute, laisser qn dans l'incertitude  
→ The author's intention is to keep everyone guessing until the very end.        
to keep sb guessing about sth      laisser qn dans le doute au sujet de qch, laisser qn dans l'incertitude au sujet de qch, tenir qn en haleine au sujet de qch  
→ She was keeping everyone guessing about the latest love in her life.        
     (mainly US)   (=suppose)   croire, penser  
I guess so      probablement  
→ ¨I think you're being paranoid." -- "Yeah. I guess so."        
     [+answer]   deviner  
→ He had already guessed the answer.        
I had already guessed the identity of her companion.      J'avais déjà deviné qui était son compagnon.  
Can you guess what it is?      Devine ce que c'est!  
   (=surmise)   supposer  
to guess (that) ...      supposer que ...  
→ Wood guessed that Darley was a successful publisher or a banker.        
→ I would guess that she didn't earn that much.        
you'd never guess that ...      on a du mal à croire que ...  
→ With a flower in his buttonhole, you'd never guess that he lives in a squat near Lewisham.        
   (=foresee)   prévoir  
to guess that sth will happen      prévoir que qch va arriver  
→ He should have guessed what would happen.        
→ Analysts guess that the economy is heading for a downturn.        
  [+speed, age, number]  
to guess how many ...      estimer combien ...  
→ We can only guess how many deaths he has caused.        
→ Guess how many people turned up at the party.        
Guess how much I paid for this.      Devine combien je l'ai payé.  
to guess sth to be ...      estimer qch à ...  
→ I guessed the speed to be at least fifty km/h.        
   guess what!      devine!  
→ Guess what! I just got my first part in a movie!        
Guess what I did last night!      Devine ce que j'ai fait hier soir!  
Guess who!      Devine qui c'est!  
→ Guess who I saw this morning.        
→ Guess who I saw in town the other day?        
You'll never guess who ...      Tu ne devineras jamais qui ...  
→ You'll never guess who came to see me yesterday.        
     (mainly US)   (=suppose)   croire, penser  
I guess (that) ...      je pense que ...  
→ I guess you're right.        
→ I guess that she had to leave early.        
   (=surmise)   supposition    f  , hypothèse    f     
→ "How did they find him?" -- "It was a guess on Thorne's part."        
It's just a guess.      C'est une simple supposition.  
to make a guess      essayer de deviner  
to make a guess at sth      essayer de deviner qch  
→ He took her pulse and made a guess at her blood pressure.        
to take a guess, to have a guess      essayer de deviner  
Have a guess!      Devine!  
→ Do you know how long I've been unemployed? Have a guess.        
anyone's guess      *  
(=impossible to say)  

Why it happened is anyone's guess.      Personne ne sait pourquoi c'est arrivé.  
→ Just when this will happen is anyone's guess.        
→ It's anybody's guess what's going to happen next.        
my guess is (that) ...      d'après moi ...  
→ My guess is that it will be at least ten years before the building is completed.        
→ My guess is he's terrified of commitment after his divorce.        
our best guess is (that) ...      d'après nous ...  
→ My best guess is about five years for completion of the project.        
→ Our best guess is that the election will be held in August.        
to make a wild guess      risquer une hypothèse  
→ The firm said its forecasts were not just wild guesses.        
at a guess      au jugé  
→ At a guess he's been dead two days.        

educated guess  
      n   supposition    f   éclairée  
to make an educated guess      faire une supposition éclairée  
guess at  
      vt fus  
  [+number, size]  
→ We can only guess at the number of deaths it has caused.        
→ His height could not even be guessed at from the photograph.        
   (=surmise)   deviner  
to guess at how ...      deviner comment ...  
→ Researchers can only guess at how this weird creature evolved.        
to guess at what ...      deviner ce que ...  
→ I have to guess at what he's feeling, he never tells me.        
second-guess   *  
  [+sb's reaction]  
essayer d'anticiper  
They're still trying to second-guess his motives.      Ils essaient toujours de comprendre ses raisons.  
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"I guess so" : exemples et traductions en contexte
Y-yeah. I mean, I guess so, though I'm pretty sure I told you everything I know. Ouais, enfin, je suppose que, même si je suis sûre de vous avoir déjà tout dit.
It's amazing. –Well, that's what a muse does, right? –I guess so. C'est incroyable. - C'est ce que fait une muse, non ? - Je suppose.
I guess so-called eternal love does exist. Je suppose que l'amour éternel existe.
I mean, I guess so, though I'm pretty sure I told you everything I know. Je veux dire, je suppose. que je suis presque sûre de vous avoir dit tout ce que je sais.
I guess so, or you wouldn't be standing there. Je suppose, ou vous ne seriez pas là.
And I think everything worked out for the best. I guess so. Et je pense que tout s'est terminé pour le mieux je le crois aussi
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