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     (physically)    contre  
→ She leaned against him.        
→ He stood the ladder against the wall.        
→ She pressed her nose against the window.        
He leant against the wall.      Il s'est appuyé contre le mur.  
   (=opposed to)   contre  
→ He is against privatisation.        
→ a march to protest against the war        
→ 283 votes in favour and 29 against        
I'm against nuclear testing.      Je suis contre les essais nucléaires.  
   (=towards)   contre, à l'encontre de  
violence against women      la violence à l'encontre des femmes  
     (in game, competition)    contre  
→ They'll be playing against Australia.        
   (=compared to)   par rapport à  
→ Our policies have to be judged against this test.        
→ Check their productivity against the agreed targets.        
as against        (British)   contre  
→ 60% of voters were in favour, as against 80% previously.        
   (=in contrast to)  
against a blue background      sur un fond bleu  
an orange vase placed against a blue background      un vase orange placé sur un fond bleu  
   (=counter to)  
against the law      contraire à la loi  
→ It is against the law to detain you without charging you.        
against the rules      contraire aux règles  
→ We thought cheating was against the rules.        
against sb's wishes      contre les vœux de qn, contre la volonté de qn  
→ She married him against her parents' wishes.        
against sb's advice      contre l'avis de qn  
→ He left hospital against the advice of doctors.        
against one's will      (=unwillingly)   contre son gré  
→ He was forced to attend the meeting against his will.        
→ They cannot detain you against your will.        
     (expressing a grudge)    to have sth against sb      en avoir contre qn, en vouloir à qn  
→ I think he's got something against me.        
→ Have you got something against women, Les?        
to have nothing against sb      ne rien avoir contre qn  
→ I have nothing against foreigners.        

beat against  
      vt fus  
battre contre  
→ The rain beat against the window.        
come up against  
      vt fus  
  [+resistance, difficulties]  
crime against humanity  
      n   crime    m   contre l'humanité  
go against  
      vt fus  
   (=be unfavourable to)   être défavorable à
   (=be contrary to)   être contraire à  
guard against  
to guard against sth      protéger contre qch  
→ The armed forces were on high alert to guard against any retaliation.        
→ You can guard against possible allergies by choosing products formulated for sensitive skin.        
→ This year's results have been excellent, but we must guard against complacency.        
to guard against doing sth      se garder de faire qch  
→ Guard against accepting such images at face value        
hold against  
      vt sep  
to hold sth against sb      tenir rigueur de qch à qn  
→ 'You're forgetting all the trouble he caused.' -- `He was only a boy. You're not going to hold that against him?        
I don't hold it against him.      Je ne lui en tiens pas rigueur.  
→ He lost the case, but never held it against me.        
nuzzle up against  
      vt fus  
se blottir contre  
frotter son nez contre  
offend against  
      vt fus  
  [+law, rule]  
contrevenir à, enfreindre  
→ This would offend against the principle of fairness.        
pit against  
      vt sep  
to pit sb against sb      opposer qn à qn  
to pit o.s. against      se mesurer à  
to pit one's wits against sb      se mesurer à qn  
→ Here is your chance to pit your wits against the experts.        
to be pitted against      être opposé à  
→ You will be pitted against three or even four people who are just as good as you are        
play off against  
      vt sep  
to play one off against the other      jouer une personne contre une autre  
→ Gregory would interview them, and would play one off against the other.        
→ She always managed to have at least two boyfriends and used to play them off against each other        
pound against  
      vt fus  
[wind, rain, waves]  
battre contre  
→ a heavy sea pounding against rocks        
run up against  
      vt fus  
  [+difficulties, opposition]  
se heurter à  
turn against  
to turn against sb      se retourner contre qn  
→ Public opinion turned against Hearst.        
to turn against sth      se retourner contre qch  
→ Workers may turn against reform        
to turn sb against sb      retourner qn contre qn  
→ He tried to turn the children against her        
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against prep.

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strongly against ; firmly against
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against all odds
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