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en colère  
[mob, crowd]  
en colère  
→ An angry mob gathered outside the courthouse.        
[response, reaction, protest]   furieux (-euse)     
→ The letter provoked an angry response from the Trade Unions        
[letter, exchange]   vibrant (e)   de colère  
→ The protest was rowdy and belligerent involving angry exchanges with police officers.        
→ sending angry letters to the newspapers        
[face, voice]   furieux (-euse)     
He looks very angry.      Il a l'air très en colère.  
angry scenes, There were angry scenes outside the courthouse.      Il y a eu des explosions de colère à l'extérieur du tribunal.  
→ outside the court there were angry scenes as Ashley's grandfather shouted at his advocate        
to be angry with sb      être en colère contre qn  
→ Are you angry with me?        
Mum's really angry with you.      Maman est vraiment en colère contre toi.  
to be angry with sb for doing sth      en vouloir à qn de faire qch  
→ I was very angry with her for waiting until the last minute to give me her approval.        
to be angry with o.s.      être en colère contre soi-même  
→ I was angry with myself because I knew I had done the wrong thing in putting myself in that position.        
to be angry with o.s. for doing sth      s'en vouloir de faire qch  
→ He was angry with himself for being frightened.        
→ They are angry with themselves for not realising that there was information that they should have seen.        
to be angry about sth, to be angry at sth      être furieux (-euse)   de qch  
→ I was angry about the rumours.        
→ She had been very angry at this lie.        
to get angry      se fâcher, se mettre en colère  
→ I just got angry and started shouting at her.        
to get angry with sb      se mettre en colère contre qn  
→ Am I wrong to get angry with her?        
→ He had every right to get angry with the official.        
to get angry with o.s.      se mettre en colère contre soi-même  
→ If I think I've made a cock-up, I get angry with myself.        
to make sb angry      mettre qn en colère  
→ That kind of thing makes me really angry.        
to give sb an angry look      lancer un regard furieux à qn  
   (=red and painful)  
[wound, rash, spot]  
vilain (e)     
→ He had an angry rash across his forehead.        
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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais-Français
pr. part
se mettant en colère
se fâché
se fâcher
pr. part
se fâchant
en colère contre quelqu'un
se fâcher
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