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      n     (physical, emotional)    coup    m     
→ He went to hospital after a blow to the face.        
→ It was a terrible blow when he was made redundant.        
to come to blows      en venir aux mains  
→ The representatives almost came to blows.        
to strike a blow for sth      rompre une lance pour qch  
to be a blow to sth      être un coup pour qch  
→ a further blow to hopes of peace        
to soften the blow, to cushion the blow      amortir le choc  
      vb     ( blew    pt)   ( blown    pp  )
   [wind, gale]   souffler  
→ A gale was blowing.        
→ A chill wind blew at the top of the hill.        
→ The wind started to blow harder.        
   [person]   souffler  
→ Danny blew on his fingers to warm them.        
→ Take a deep breath and blow.        
   (=move through the air)  
Rain blew into his face.      La pluie lui battait le visage.  
Sand blew in our eyes.      Le vent nous soufflait du sable dans les yeux.  
   [whistle]   retentir  
→ The whistle blew and the train moved forward.        
   [fuse]   sauter  
a fuse has blown      un fusible a sauté  
→ The fuse blew as he pressed the button.        
     [+glass]   souffler
     [+trumpet, horn]   souffler  
to blow one's own trumpet, to blow one's own horn      chanter ses propres louanges  
to blow a whistle      siffler  
→ The referee blew his whistle.        
   to blow one's nose      se moucher  
→ He took out a handkerchief and blew his nose.        
  [+sand, smoke, rain]  
→ A gust of wind blew snow in her face.        
→ The wind blew her hair back from her forehead.        
     [+fuse]   faire sauter

→ I had probably blown my chance of getting the job.        
you've blown it!      tu as tout gaché!  
→ Oh you fool! You've blown it!        
→ It looks like you've blown it with Mary.        
   to blow sth to bits        (with explosives)    réduire qch en miettes  
→ Rival gunmen blew the city to bits.        
→ My brother lent me some money and I blew the lot.        
→ Before you blow it all on a luxury cruise, give a little thought to the future.        

blow away  
      vi   s'envoler  
→ He dropped a piece of paper and it blew away.        
→ Her hat fell off and blew away.        
      vt sep  
     (lit)   chasser, faire s'envoler  
→ Strong winds blew away most of the dust.        
→ The wind blew the leaves away.        
   to be blown away by sb      (=captivated)   tomber sous le charme de qn  
blow down  
      vt   faire tomber, renverser  
→ Many trees were blown down in the storms.        
→ Their house was blown down in the hurricane.        
blow off  
      vi   s'envoler  
→ His hat blew off in the wind.        
      vt sep  
     [+hat]   emporter  
→ The strong breeze blew my hat off.        
   to blow sth off course        [+ship]   faire dévier qch  
to be blown off course      [person]   être dévié (e)   de sa route  
→ We're not going to be blown off course by one result        
(=not go with)  

to blow sb off      laisser qn en plan *     
→ At first, Ben was annoyed. He said, "We have an agreement to get this done, and I put the time aside for it. You're blowing me off!"....;        
blow out  
   [tyre]   éclater
   [fuse]   sauter
      vt sep  
     [+candle, flame]   souffler  
→ I blew out the candle.        
     [+window]   briser  
→ The can exploded, wrecking the kitchen and blowing out windows.        
blow over  
[trouble, argument]  
→ Wait, and it'll all blow over.        
→ they'll keep their heads down and wait for it to blow over        
The matter quickly blew over.      L'affaire fut vite oubliée.  
blow up  
      vi   exploser, sauter  
→ Their boat blew up.        
→ The microwave blew up.        
The house blew up.      La maison a sauté.  
  [+building, bus, plane]  
faire sauter  
→ He was jailed for trying to blow up a plane.        
The terrorists blew up a police station.      Les terroristes ont fait sauter un commissariat de police.  
  [+balloon, tyre]  
→ Other than blowing up a tyre I hadn't done any car maintenance.        
  [+image, photo]  
→ The image is blown up on a large screen.        
[account, commentary]  
minutieux   (-euse)  
détaillé (e)  

→ She wanted a blow-by-blow account of what happened.        
      n   (=hairstyle)   brushing    m     
A cut and blow-dry, please.      Une coupe brushing, s'il vous plaît.  
→ She is having a cut and blow-dry.        
to blow-dry sb's hair      faire un brushing à qn  
to blow-dry one's hair      se sécher les cheveux  
→ She chose to blow-dry her own hair.        
blow dryer  
      n   (=hair dryer)   sèche-cheveux      m  
→ Terry put toiletries, a blow-dryer and clothes in a backpack        
blow job  
*   pipe    f   **     
to give sb a blow job      tailler une pipe à qn  
→ He claimed she'd given him a blow job.        
   [+tyre]   éclatement    m     
→ A lorry travelling south had a blow-out and crashed.        
*   (=big meal)   gueuleton    m     
→ Once in a while we had a major blowout.        
     (Australian)   [+amount, price]   augmentation    f     
→ ... a blowout in surgery costs.        
→ ... a blow-out in the balance of payments.        
   (=enlargement)   agrandissement    m     
→ ... a grainy blowup obviously taken with a telephoto lens in bad light.        
→ ... yellowing blow-ups of James Dean.        
   *   (=argument)   engueulade    f     
→ It is understood he had a blow-up with coach Chris Anderson ...        
→ He and Cohen appeared headed for a major blowup.        
[mattress, toy]  
body blow  
      n   (=disappointment)   coup    m   dur  
→ Her resignation was a huge body blow to Tony Blair        
cut and blow-dry  
      n   coupe-brushing    m     
death blow   , death-blow  
      n     (fig)   coup    m   fatal  
to be a death blow to sth      être un coup fatal pour qch  
→ The deportations would be a death blow to the peace process ...        
→ This decision is a death blow to the Argentine economy        
to be dealt a death blow      recevoir un coup fatal  
→ The people of Hatfield went into shock as they learned their town had been dealt a death blow.        
hammer blow  
      n     (fig)   coup    m   terrible  
→ the emotional hammer blow of hearing that the bodies of his wife and daughter had been found        
to deliver a hammer blow to sth      porter un coup terrible à qch  
→ Washington has delivered another potential hammer blow to the industry's economics        
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rendre coup pour coup
pr. part
rendant coup pour coup
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