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   (=contest)   compétition    f  , concours    m     
→ I entered one or two competitions and won prizes.        
a singing competition      un concours de chant  
   (=rivalry)   concurrence    f     
→ Logica is thought to have faced stiff competition from America's Computer Sciences Corporation.        
→ the education and employment secretary is determined to stop cut-throat competition between schools, sixth-form colleges and further education establishments        
There was fierce international competition.      La concurrence internationale était rude.  
→ ... exposing the industry to fierce international competition.        
competition for sth      concurrence pour qch  
→ Competition between the industry players for fewer contracts has put pressure on prices and profit margins.        
→ the rate of unemployment is high and competition for jobs is steep        
→ Surprisingly, despite the intense competition for new mortgage business, some lenders have very little to offer for borrowers who want to remortgage.        
Competition for admission to the school is keen.      Il y a beaucoup de concurrence pour entrer dans cette école.  
in competition with      en concurrence avec  
They are in competition with each other.        (two people)    Ils sont en concurrence l'un avec l'autre.  
→ The two concerts were not in competition with each other.        
     (more than two people)    Ils sont en concurrence les uns avec les autres.  
the competition        (SPORT)   les concurrents  
→ Brighton's hopes of fighting off the competition have been boosted by their promotion to the first division.        
     (BUSINESS)   la concurrence, les concurrents  
→ The battle to stay ahead of the competition means that constant invention is vital.        
→ These plans will keep Selfridges ahead of the competition and reinforce Oxford Street as the premier shopping location in Europe.        

beauty competition  
      n   concours    m   de beauté  
knockout competition  
      n     (British)   tournoi    m   à élimination directe  
→ knockout competitions like the FA Cup        
talent competition   , talent contest  
      n   concours    m   d'amateurs  
→ At the age of 18, she won first prize in a talent contest.        
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competition n.
compétition ; concurrence

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les concurrents
clause de non-concurrence ; clause d'exclusivité
autorité de la concurrence
concours de beauté
concurrence parasitaire
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"competition" : exemples et traductions en contexte
The EU should be prepared to meet that competition. L'UE doit être prête à affronter cette concurrence.
I would also like to say something about competition and about the alliances. Je voudrais également dire un mot au sujet de la concurrence et des alliances.
The competition of grasses, right? And suddenly everything looked different. La concurrence des herbes, vrai? Et soudainement tout paraissait différent.
At the same time, global competition from emerging markets is intensifying. En même temps, la concurrence mondiale des marchés émergents s’intensifie.
My second point is the application of the competition rules during 1999. Mon deuxième point est l'application des règles de concurrence en 1999.
Allow me to draw a comparison between this and a sporting competition. Permettez-moi d'établir une comparaison avec une compétition sportive.
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