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   (=contest)   compétition    f  , concours    m     
→ I entered one or two competitions and won prizes.        
a singing competition      un concours de chant  
   (=rivalry)   concurrence    f     
→ Logica is thought to have faced stiff competition from America's Computer Sciences Corporation.        
→ the education and employment secretary is determined to stop cut-throat competition between schools, sixth-form colleges and further education establishments        
There was fierce international competition.      La concurrence internationale était rude.  
→ ... exposing the industry to fierce international competition.        
competition for sth      concurrence pour qch  
→ Competition between the industry players for fewer contracts has put pressure on prices and profit margins.        
→ the rate of unemployment is high and competition for jobs is steep        
→ Surprisingly, despite the intense competition for new mortgage business, some lenders have very little to offer for borrowers who want to remortgage.        
Competition for admission to the school is keen.      Il y a beaucoup de concurrence pour entrer dans cette école.  
in competition with      en concurrence avec  
They are in competition with each other.        (two people)    Ils sont en concurrence l'un avec l'autre.  
→ The two concerts were not in competition with each other.        
     (more than two people)    Ils sont en concurrence les uns avec les autres.  
the competition        (SPORT)   les concurrents  
→ Brighton's hopes of fighting off the competition have been boosted by their promotion to the first division.        
     (BUSINESS)   la concurrence, les concurrents  
→ The battle to stay ahead of the competition means that constant invention is vital.        
→ These plans will keep Selfridges ahead of the competition and reinforce Oxford Street as the premier shopping location in Europe.        

beauty competition  
      n   concours    m   de beauté  
knockout competition  
      n     (British)   tournoi    m   à élimination directe  
→ knockout competitions like the FA Cup        
talent competition   , talent contest  
      n   concours    m   d'amateurs  
→ At the age of 18, she won first prize in a talent contest.        
Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Anglais - Français  
competition n.
compétition ; concurrence

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