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do no harm v.
ne pas faire de mal

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais-Français
ne servir à rien
ne pas fait de mal
ne vouloir pas faire du mal
fait de mal
pr. part
ne voulant pas faire du mal
Il n'y a pas de mal !
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      n   mal    m     
→ The risk of harm from wild animals is very slight here.        
→ "Go back and make sure that no harm comes to him," he said quietly.        
→ If the drugs are not used correctly there is a serious risk of irreparable harm.        
to do sth harm      nuire à qch  
→ Much harm has already been done to the earth's environment.        
→ the harm done to the country's moral standing throughout the world by its appeasement of terror        
→ The closure of the factory could do irreparable harm to the town.        
to do sb harm      faire du mal à qn  
→ the incident had done him little harm        
→ You may think that the process of industrialization ought to be stopped, that it has done great harm to mankind        
to cause harm      provoquer des dégâts  
→ The cream protects the skin against harm caused by age.        
→ Does smacking cause harm?        
→ a new initiative aimed at reducing the harm caused by hard drugs        
to cause harm to sth      nuire à qch  
→ a bad public image can cause enormous harm to the tourist industry        
→ Drug abuse can cause real harm to the community.        
→ A bad public image can cause enormous harm to the tourist industry.        
to cause harm to sb      [person]   porter préjudice à qn  
→ They found themselves under investigation by social workers and then charged by the police with causing her serious harm.        
→ I regretted the harm I had caused by acting as I had done.        
[substance, chemical]   être nocif (-ive)   à qn  
→ The chemicals could cause harm to people who use these products without protective clothing.        
to do more harm than good      faire plus de mal que de bien  
→ Giving toddlers a computer may do more harm than good.        
→ We are against the bombs. We think they do more harm than good.        
no harm done!      il n'y a pas de mal!  
to come to no harm, You'll come to no harm.      Il ne t'arrivera rien.  
→ There is always a lifeguard to ensure that no one comes to any harm.        
to mean no harm      ne pas avoir de mauvaises intentions  
→ The men had meant no harm.        
→ He wanted to apologise for the embarrassment he caused and said he meant no harm.        
there's no harm in trying      on peut toujours essayer  
→ They are not always willing to take on untrained workers, but there's no harm in asking.        
it wouldn't do any harm for sb to do sth, It wouldn't do any harm for you to get an answerphone.      Tu ferais mieux de t'acheter un répondeur.  
→ I don't think it would do any harm if you were to assemble everybody and tell them what's going on.        
out of harm`s way      [person]   à l'abri du danger  
[object]   en lieu sûr  
→ The presents were now hidden under the sink, out of harm's way.        
    grievous bodily harm  
faire du mal à  
→ I stood very still, hoping they wouldn't harm my sister and me.        
→ If anybody tried to harm my children, I wouldn't hesitate to shoot.        
[substance, chemical]   être nocif (-ive)   pour  
→ A recent study seemed to show that long-term use of Ecstasy might harm women more than men.        
→ Scientists claim that traffic fumes can harm babies in the womb.        
→ There is evidence that too time spent using computers can harm young children.        
  [+object, fabric]   endommager  
→ Washing will not harm the fabric.        
  [+environment]   nuire à  
  [+company, industry, economy]  
nuire à  
→ If we acted alone, it would harm our industries and increase unemployment.        
  [+reputation]   nuire à  
→ the defamatory falsehoods that harmed his reputation        
→ There are fears that the police force's reputation might be harmed if they recruited overt homosexuals.        
  [+relationship]   nuire à  
→ An unfavourable ruling could harm US-Japanese relations.        
I didn't mean to harm you.      Je ne voulais pas vous faire de mal.  
Chemicals harm the environment.      Les produits chimiques nuisent à l'environnement.  
to harm sb's chances      diminuer les chances de qn  
→ Celtic fear the decision will harm their chances of success in Europe.        

actual bodily harm  
      n   coups    mpl   et blessures    fpl     
grievous bodily harm  
      n   ~coups    mpl   et blessures    fpl     
→ They were both found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.        
      vi   s'automutiler  
→ as many as one in ten teenagers are estimated to self-harm        
      n   automutilation    f     
→ In the past ten years there have been 30 suicides of juveniles and young adults, and hundreds of cases of self-harm in prison.        
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"do no harm" : exemples et traductions en contexte
If you cannot help, at least do no harm. Si tu ne n'aides pas, au moins ne nuis pas.
A fundamental principle of medicine is: "first, do no harm." Un des principes fondamentaux de la médecine est « avant tout, ne pas nuire ».
Maybe he was done with the whole "do no harm" thing. Il en a eu peut-être marre du "ne pas nuire".
To do no harm, to leave this civilization intact. Pour ne pas nuire, pour laisser cette civilisation intacte.
I think I got about as far as, "First, do no harm." Je crois que je ne suis pas allée plus loin que "Premièrement, ne pas nuire."
He can't do no harm if you don't take his talk seriously. ll ne te fera pas de mal si tu ne le prends pas au sérieux.
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