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   (=impact)   effet    m     
effect on      effet sur  
→ the effect of divorce on children        
to cause an effect      produire un effet  
→ Head injuries can cause long-lasting psychological effects.        
to have an effect      avoir un effet, produire un effet  
to have an effect on sb      avoir un effet sur qn, produire un effet sur qn  
→ The austerity measures will have little immediate effect on the average Moroccan.        
→ Did these changes have any effect on the child?        
to have an effect on sth      avoir un effet sur qch, produire un effet sur qch  
→ The disaster has had a profound effect on the country's economy.        
to take effect, to come into effect      [law, policy]   entrer en vigueur, prendre effet  
→ The tax cuts take effect on July 1st.        
→ The law came into effect last year.        
to take effect      [drug, anaesthetic]   agir, faire son effet  
→ The anaesthetic is taking effect now.        
→ It will take a few minutes to take effect.        
to put sth into effect, to bring sth into effect        [+plan, idea]   mettre qch en application, mettre qch à exécution  
→ Signing the agreement was one thing, putting it into effect was another.        
→ a decree bringing into effect the political reforms adopted last month        
to good effect      (=successfully)   avec succès  
→ The museum is using advertising to good effect.        
to no effect      (=unsuccessfully)   en vain  
→ Mr Charles complained, to no effect.        
     (with dates)    with effect from ...      (=starting from)   à compter de ...  
→ Elected into Research Fellowships with effect from October 1        
with immediate effect        (adv, British)    (=immediately)   avec effet immédiat  
→ he should be dismissed with immediate effect        
   in effect        (adv)    (=practically speaking)   en fait, en réalité  
→ In effect he has no choice.        
→ That deal would create, in effect, the world's biggest airline.        
   to be to the effect that      [letter, statement]  
His letter is to the effect that ...      Sa lettre nous apprend que ...  
→ He cited a Chinese proverb to the effect that you should never wish ill on your neighbour.        
to this effect      (=saying this)   dans ce sens  
→ a circular to this effect will be issued shortly        
   (=impression)     (intended by designer, writer)    effet    m     
→ Don't move, or you'll destroy the effect.        
→ The whole effect is cool, light and airy.        
   (=carry out)  
→ Production was halted until repairs could be effected.        
   (=bring about)  
mettre en place  
→ prospects for effecting real political change        

domino effect  
      n   effet    m   domino, effet    m   de domino  
→ The domino effect if one train is cancelled is enormous.        
greenhouse effect  
the greenhouse effect      l'effet    m   de serre  
knock-on effect  
      n   retombées    fpl     
to have a knock-on effect on sth      avoir des retombées sur qch  
→ The cut in new car prices has had a knock-on effect on the price of used cars.        
placebo effect  
      n   effet    m   placebo  
→ The placebo effect can be understood only if we acknowledge the unity of mind and body.        
side effect   , side-effect  
     (MEDICINE)   [+drug, treatment]   effet    m   secondaire  
→ The treatment has a whole host of extremely unpleasant side-effects including weight gain, acne, skin rashes and headaches ...        
→ Reported side effects of the drug are ...        
Most patients suffer no side-effects.      La plupart des patients ne souffrent d'aucun effet secondaire.  
   [+situation]   effet    m   indirect  
→ One side effect of modern life is stress ...        
→ In Eastern Europe, one of the side effects of freedom appears to be crime.        
→ Britain suffered the side effects of early industrial development.        
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effet (donné à la balle)
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effet Larsen
effet de vague
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effet indésirable
dans ce but
très efficacement
l'effet de serre
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