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expenses n.

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à grands frais
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expenses payable
expenses ; responsibilities
tax expenses
incur expenses
minor expenses
sundry expenses
claims expenses
fringe expenses
current expenses
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   (=cost)   dépense    f  , frais    mpl     
→ It's well worth the expense.        
at great expense, at vast expense      à grands frais  
→ All the preparations have been made at great expense.        
→ at great personal expense        
→ He's bought a specially big TV at vast expense so that everyone can see properly.        
at little expense      à peu de frais  
to do sth at one's own expense      faire qch à ses frais  
→ She traveled at her own expense to the Soviet Union.        
at sb's expense        (financially)    aux frais de qn  
→ at the expense of the taxpayer        
   (=spending)   dépense    f  , frais    mpl     
→ To avoid extra expense, try to decide on fittings in advance.        
to go to the expense of sth      faire la dépense de qch  
to go to the expense of doing sth      faire la dépense de qch  
→ Why go to the expense of buying an electric saw when you can hire one?        
at the expense of sb/sth      aux dépens de qn  
→ According to this study, women have made notable gains at the expense of men.        
→ Economic growth must not be pursued at the expense of the environment.        
to make a joke at sb's expense      bien rire aux dépens de qn  
→ I think he's making a joke at our expense.        
   [+employee]   frais    mpl     
to claim sth back on expenses      demander le remboursement de qch  
→ Can you claim this back on expenses?        
→ travelling expenses        
   [+household]   dépenses    fpl     
→ household expenses        

general expenses  
      npl   frais    mpl   généraux  
→ general expenses such as meals and phone calls        
incidental expenses  
      npl   faux frais    mpl     
→ At the bottom of the bill, you will notice various incidental expenses.        
living expenses  
      npl   frais    mpl   de subsistance  
→ Work out your monthly mortgage, running costs and living expenses.        
→ Her income just covers her living expenses and she has not been able to build up any savings.        
out-of-pocket expenses  
      npl   frais    mpl     
I charge twenty dollars an hour plus out-of-pocket expenses.      Je prends vingt dollars de l'heure plus les frais.  
relocation expenses  
      npl     (paid to employee)    frais    mpl   de déménagement  
→ Relocation expenses were paid to encourage senior staff to move to the region.        
removal expenses  
      npl     (British)   frais    mpl   de déménagement  
travelling expenses  
      npl   frais    mpl   de déplacement  
→ They get travelling expenses and are also paid a fee.        
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