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   (=false painting, antique, passport, document)   faux    m     
→ I asked him if the pictures were fakes, but he said they were real        
→ These identity papers could well be fakes        
→ It is filled with famous works of art, and every one of them is a fake.        
   (=false photo)   trucage    m     
The painting was a fake.      Le tableau était un faux.  
His illness is a fake.      Sa maladie est une comédie.  
   (=person)   imposteur    m     
→ You're not a real doctor - you're a fake!        
[document, passport, ID]  
faux (fausse)     
→ The bank manager is said to have issued fake certificates.        
[alibi]   faux (fausse)     
→ She denies the charge of perverting the course of justice by providing him with a fake alibi        
[flowers, snow]  
artificiel (le)     
faux (fausse)     
faux (fausse)     
She wore fake fur.      Elle portait une fausse fourrure.  
a fake tan      un bronzage artificiel  
  [+injury, illness]  
→ Most referees book players who fake injury        
→ He faked his own death to collect on an insurance policy.        
  [+orgasm]   simuler  
→ My girlfriend just told me she has twice faked orgasm with me. I feel betrayed.        
  [+emotions]   feindre  
→ Jon faked nonchalance ...        
→ Maturity and emotional sophistication can't be faked.        
to fake one's own death      simuler sa propre mort  
→ The identity papers looked as though they had been faked        
→ It's safer to fake a tan with make-up rather than subject your complexion to the harsh rays of the sun ...        
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1) faire un faux de (vt), 2) truquer (vt), 3) faire semblant (vi)
[Sport]; [Football]
trafiquer (vt.) ; simuler (vt.) ; faire semblant (vi.)
fausse pièce d'identité
faux sein
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"fake 1" : exemples et traductions en contexte
At the same time, the Canadian Association of Retired Persons tells us that 200,000 seniors still live in poverty. That same $1 billion used for fake lakes, snacks and hand lotion could have been used for seniors. Increasing their income by $5,000 would give them free groceries for a year. This must change. Parallèlement, l'Association canadienne des individus retraités nous dit que 200 000 aînés vivent toujours dans la pauvreté. Ce milliard de dollars utilisé pour le faux lac, les collations et la lotion pour les mains aurait pu être utilisé pour aider les aînés. En disposant d'un revenu majoré de 5 000 $, ils parviendraient...
Mr. Marcel Proulx (Hull—Aylmer, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, all year long we have been seeing examples of obscene wastefulness: $300 million and a military base here, $1 billion and a fake lake there, $6 billion for major corporations, on top of $10 billion for megaprisons. To satisfy the whims of the ministers, the government finds billions of dollars, but when NGOs ask for a simple one-week extension of the application deadline for a homelessness program? Impossible, it says. Why? [Table of Contents] ... (Hull—Aylmer, Lib.): Monsieur le Président, les exemples de gaspillage obscène se sont succédé toute l'année durant: 300 millions de dollars et une base militaire par-ci, 1 milliard de dollars et un faux lac par-là, 6 milliards de dollars pour les plus grandes entreprises, au-delà de 10 milliards de dollars pour des mégaprisons. Pour satisfaire les caprices des...
The government spent more than $1 billion on things such as fake lakes, snacks, hand lotion and glow sticks. Just think what we could have done with that $1 billion for the many who are struggling in our country. CARP tells us that 200,000 seniors are still living in poverty. That $1 billion could have been put into the hands of seniors to get them out of poverty. We would then not have to say that we still have Canadians, specifically seniors, living in poverty in this country. Le gouvernement a dépensé plus d'un milliard de dollars en faux lacs, en casse-croûte, en lotion pour les mains et en bâtons lumineux. Imaginez ce qu'on aurait pu faire avec ce milliard de dollars pour tous les gens en difficulté dans notre...
In 2010 the government spent more than $1 billion on things such as fake lakes, snacks, hand lotion and glow sticks at the G8 and G20 summits. That is more than $1 billion and yet all it has for seniors living below the poverty line is $300 million. There is clearly a problem. It does not have the same priorities that a lot of us have. En 2010, le gouvernement a dépensé plus de 1 milliard de dollars pour, entre autres, un faux lac, des collations, de la lotion pour les mains et des bâtons lumineux dans le cadre des sommets du G8 et du G20. Au total, il a dépensé plus de 1 milliard...
The money could be invested to help women and children, but he is wasting more than $1 billion on sound cannons and a fake lake. How can the Prime Minister justify that? [Table of Contents] L'argent pourrait être investi pour aider les femmes et les enfants, mais il gaspille plus de 1 milliard de dollars en canons sonores et en lac artificiel. Comment le premier ministre peut-t-il justifier cela? [Table des matières]
However, the government has this statement which the finance minister sometimes rolls out, “We did a good job before. Remember? After the recession, we did a good job.” It throws out a figure which I am very skeptical about. The government has had a history of a certain amount of fake stuff. We recall the fake lake and the $1 billion it spent on the big conference in Muskoka. There were the fake new citizens at the fake citizenship ceremony. Those fake job figures are part of that trend. ... sceptique. Le gouvernement a l'habitude des trucs artificiels. Je pense notamment au faux lac et au milliard de dollars qu'il a dépensé pour la grande conférence de Muskoka. Je pense aussi aux fausses cérémonies où des fonctionnaires ont fait semblant d'être des nouveaux citoyens. Ces fausses statistiques sur l'emploi s'inscrivent dans cette tendance.
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