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     (physical)    sensation    f     
→ I had a strange feeling in my neck.        
→ I had an itchy feeling in my nose.        
a burning feeling      une sensation de brûlure  
to have no feeling in sth, After the accident he had no feeling in his legs.      Après l'accident, il ne sentait plus ses jambes.  
   [+satisfaction, jealousy, hostility]   sentiment    m     
→ ... strong feelings of jealousy ...        
→ I had the terrible feeling of being left behind        
a feeling of satisfaction      un sentiment de satisfaction  
→ It gave me a feeling of satisfaction.        
bad feeling      animosité    f     
→ There's been some bad feeling between the two families        
I know the feeling      je sais ce que c'est  
→ I know the feeling, I've been there too        
   (=opinion)   sentiment    m     
my feeling is that ...      j'estime que ...  
→ My feeling is that it would work very well.        
   (=impression)   sentiment    m     
I have a feeling that ...      j'ai le sentiment que ..., j'ai l'impression que ...  
→ I have a feeling that everything will come right for us        
→ He had the feeling he might be in for a long wait        
   (=sensitivity)   sensibilité    f     
→ How can he behave with such lack of feeling?        
   (=sensibilities)   sentiments    mpl     
→ He has no respect for anyone's feelings.        
→ What about my feelings?        
to hurt sb's feelings      blesser qn  
→ He was afraid of hurting my feelings ...        
   (=emotions)   sentiments    mpl     
→ He described his feelings to me.        
feelings were running high      les passions se déchaînaient  
Feelings ran high about it.      Cela a déchaîné les passions.  
→ Feelings are running high about the ill treatment of the refugees        
no hard feelings      (=no resentment)     (said during argument)    sans rancune  
There were no hard feelings on either side.      Il n'y avait de rancune ni d'un côté ni de l'autre.  
feelings towards sb      sentiments à l'égard de qn  
→ My feelings towards Susan have changed over the years        
feelings about sth      sentiments à propos de qch  
→ What are your feelings about returning to university?        
What are your feelings about the matter?      Quels sont vos sentiments sur cette question?  
to make one's feelings clear      exprimer ses sentiments  
→ Woodley made his feelings about McSporran clear        
to have strong feelings about sth      (=definite views)   avoir des idées arrêtées sur qch  
→ I have strong feelings about racism and sexism        
to have mixed feelings about sb/sth      avoir des sentiments mitigés à propos de qn/qch  
→ I have mixed feelings about the film.        
to have feelings for sb      avoir des sentiments pour qn  

fellow feeling  
      n   sympathie    f     
gut feeling  
      n   (=instinctive feeling)   instinct    m     
→ My gut feeling was that this woman was a good woman.        
ill feeling  
      n   ressentiment    m  , rancune    f  
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pr. part
sentant (vt.) ; se sentant (vr.)
pr. part
estimant (+inf.) (vt.,vi.) ; sentant (+adj) (vt.,vi.) ; estimant (+que) (vt.,vi.)
pr. part
pr. part
étant déprimé
pr. part
étant triste
pr. part
ayant le cafard
pr. part
ayant froid
pr. part
pr. part
étant sûr
pr. part
ayant le vertige
pr. part
ayant faim
pr. part
ayant sommeil
pr. part
se sentant mal à l'aise
pr. part
étant désespéré
pr. part
ayant le cœur brisé
instinct ; intuition
pr. part
étant déprimé
pr. part
se sentant plus à l'aise
un sentiment de vide
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