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   (=strength)     (physical)    force    f     
the force of the explosion      la force de l'explosion  
→ The force of the explosion shattered the windows.        
→ I hit him with all the force I could muster ...        
   (=influential factor)   force    f     
→ Britain is re-establishing itself as a powerful force in world politics ...        
→ Nationalism was rapidly becoming a dangerous force ...        
outside forces      (=external factors)   forces extérieures  
→ they believe in outside forces such as luck, fate and chance        
Society is apparently directed by outside forces.      La société est apparemment contrôlée par des forces extérieures.  
from force of habit, through force of habit      par la force de l'habitude  
→ He looked around from force of habit, but nobody paid any attention to him ...        
→ through force of habit she wakes up at 5 a.m.        
by force of circumstance      par la force des choses  
   (=power)   force    f     
→ He changed our world through the force of his ideas        
to have the force of law      avoir force de loi  
→ The new set-up will have the force of law        
   the forces of evil      les forces du mal  
     (natural)    force    f     
→ the earth's gravitational force        
→ The force acting on the particle is constant ...        
forces of nature      forces    fpl   de la nature  
→ a land sculpted by the forces of nature        
     (METEOROLOGY)   force    f     
a force 5 wind      un vent de force 5  
→ The airlift was conducted in force ten winds ...        
   (=coercion)   force    f     
→ We have renounced the use of force to settle our disputes.        
by force      par la force  
→ ... the guerrillas' efforts to seize power by force        
by force of arms      (=by military power)   à la force des armes  
→ You cannot keep a nation down by force of arms indefinitely.        
   (=military contingent)   force    f     
→ armed forces        
→ peacekeeping forces        
→ special forces        
a volunteer force      une troupe de volontaires  
→ the deployment of American forces in the region        
   in force      (=in large numbers)   en force  
→ Voters turned out in force for the elections.        
to turn up in force      arriver en force  
→ Animal rights campaigners turned up in force.        
   the sales force      (=team)   la force de vente  
   to be in force      (=in operation)  
[law, system]  
être en vigueur  
→ Martial law is in force        
→ Although the new tax is already in force, you have until November to lodge an appeal.        
No-smoking rules are now in force.      Un règlement qui interdit de fumer est maintenant en vigueur.  
to come into force      entrer en vigueur  
   to join forces      (=work together)   unir ses forces  
→ African nations last week joined forces to combat cholera        
to join forces with sb      unir ses forces avec qn  
→ William joined forces with businessman Nicholas Court to launch the new vehicle.        
the Forces        (British)   l'armée    f     
→ The more senior you become in the forces, the more likely you are to end up in a desk job.        
   (=compel)   forcer  
to force sb to do sth      forcer qn à faire qch  
They forced him to open the safe.      Ils l'ont forcé à ouvrir le coffre-fort.  
→ A back injury forced her to withdraw from the competition        
→ He asked me if I was clever. I was forced to admit that I was not ...        
→ They forced him to confess        
to force o.s. to do sth      se forcer à faire qch  
→ She forced herself to kiss her mother's cheek ...        
to force sth on sb      imposer qch à qn  
→ To force this agreement on the nation is wrong        
   (=push roughly)   forcer  
→ He forced the key clumsily into the ignition        
→ They forced David into a small room.        
to force one's way somewhere, He was trying to force his way into the building.      Il essayait de forcer l'entrée du bâtiment.  
to force one's way through the crowd      se frayer un chemin à travers la foule  
→ she had to force her way through the crush        
→ crowds were pushing so closely that we had to force a way through        
     [+lock, door, window]   forcer  
→ They had to force the lock on the trunk.        
→ Police forced the door of the flat and arrested Mr Roberts        
   to force a smile      se forcer à sourire  
→ Joe forced a smile, but underneath he was a little disturbed ...        

air force  
      n   armée    f   de l'air  
→ ... the United States Air Force ...        
→ Jack Mann was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot during World War II.        
→ The country has a strong air force.        
→ the United States Air Force        
to join the air force      s'engager dans l'armée de l'air  
centrifugal force  
      n   force    f   centrifuge  
→ The juice is extracted by centrifugal force.        
Delta Force  
      n     (US)   Force    f   Delta   forces spéciales de l'armée américaine   forces spéciales de l'armée américaine  
driving force  
      n   locomotive    f  , moteur    m     
→ The council felt the mayor was the driving force in the decision to suspend the chief        
→ The driving force behind that increase was a surge in orders for transportation equipment.        
→ His passion for music has been the driving force in his life.        
expeditionary force  
      n   corps    m   expéditionnaire  
force back  
     [+crowd, enemy]   repousser
     [+tears]   refouler  
→ I forced his head back.        
→ Nancy forced back tears. She wasn't going to cry in front of all those people.        
force down  
se forcer à manger  
force off  
      vt   (=force to leave)  
to force a farmer off his land      expulser un fermier de ses terres  
to be forced off      [player]   devoir quitter le terrain  
→ he was forced off with a hamstring injury after 31 minutes.        
force out  
   (=expel)   faire sortir par la force  
→ a newspaper calling on Afghans to force out western troops        
to be forced out of sth        [+position]   contraindre à quitter qch  
→ Ought he to be forced out of the Presidency?        
to force a confession out of sb      arracher des aveux à qn  
→ They forced a confession out of him ...        
     [+prisoner]   nourrir de force  
→ Prisoners on hunger-strike were force-fed        
     [+duck, goose]   gaver  
→ Production of the foie gras pâté involves force-feeding geese and ducks so that their livers swell.        
gale-force wind  
      n   vent    m   soufflant en tempête  
→ ... bad weather with heavy rain and gale-force winds of up to seventy miles per hour.        
hurricane-force wind  
      n   vent    m   de force 12  
→ Hurricane-force winds and giant waves ripped holes in the bottom of the tanker        
labour force   ,   (British)   labor force     (US)  
   [+country]   population    f   active  
Unemployment in Britain rose to 8.1% of the labour force.      Le chômage au Royaume Uni atteignait 8.1% de la population active.  
   [+company]   main-d'œuvre    f     
life force   , life-force  
      n   force    f   vitale  
→ Film stars tend to have a life-force about them which draws you to them.        
→ Food is considered a sacred sacrament by the Indians, and to eat is to take in the life force of the plant or animal involved.        
moving force  
      n   (=person)   locomotive    f     
the moving force in the party      la locomotive du parti  
→ Major D'Aubuisson remains the moving force in the party        
to be the moving force behind sth      être l'instigateur (-trice)   de qch  
→ He was the moving force behind the campaign        
   (=thing)   élément    m   moteur  
→ Democratization was the main moving force of perestroika        
what is the moving force behind your writing?      (=inspiration)   qu'est-ce qui vous pousse à écrire comme vous le faites?  
peacekeeping force  
      n   force    f   de maintien de la paix  
police force  
      n   police    f     
→ the South Wales police force        
rapid reaction force  
      n   force    f   d'intervention rapide  
Royal Air Force  
      n     (British)  
the Royal Air Force      la Royal Air Force  
sales force  
      n   force    f   de vente  
spent force  
to be a spent force      ne plus avoir d'influence  
→ As a political leader he was something of a spent force.        
task force  
     (MILITARY)   force    f   opérationnelle  
→ a naval task force of twenty warships        
   (=committee)   groupe    f   de travail  
→ We have set up a task force to look at the question of women returning to work        
tour de force   , tour-de-force  
      n   tour    m   de force  
→ Stevenson's deeply felt performance is a tour-de-force ...        
→ His tour de force is an elephant sculpture.        
Ulster Volunteer Force  
      n   organisation paramilitaire protestante en Irlande du Nord   organisation paramilitaire protestante en Irlande du Nord  
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