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   (=short letter)   mot    m     
→ I'll have to leave a note for Karen.        
→ Remember to write a note to say where you are.        
→ She left a note saying she would see us again.        
Just a quick note to let you know ...      Juste un mot pour vous dire ...  
to write sb a note      écrire un mot à qn  
I'll write her a note.      Je vais lui écrire un mot.  
   (=brief record, reminder)   note    f     
→ She was speaking from notes.        
to make a note of sth      noter qch  
→ I'll make a note of that.        
→ I knew that if I didn't make a note I'd forget all about it.        
to take notes      prendre des notes  
→ Our people took notes or operated tape recorders.        
→ Take notes during the consultation as the final written report is very concise.        
to compare notes      échanger des impressions  
→ the chance to compare notes with other suffering mothers        
     (in book, article)    note    f     
→ See Note 16 on p 223.        
→ Consult the notes at the end of the book for further information.        
     (British)   (=banknote)   billet    m     
→ They exchange travellers cheques at a different rate from notes.        
a £5 note      un billet de cinq livres  
     (MUSIC)   note    f     
→ He played a few notes on the piano.        
→ Not one of them could read a note of music.        
   (=tone)     (in voice)    accent    m     
There was a note of triumph in her voice.      Il y avait un accent de triomphe dans sa voix.  
→ He could discern the note of urgency in their voices.        
→ His voice took on a new note of uncertainty.        
   (=atmosphere)   note    f     
The film ends on a positive note.      Le film se termine sur une note positive.  
on a lighter note ...      pour parler de choses plus gaies ...  
→ It's all very worrying. On a lighter note, it's nearly lunchtime - is everyone hungry?        
   of note      (=distinguished)   éminent (e)     
→ an artist of some note        
   (=important)   important (e)     
a person of note      une personne éminente  
nothing of note, He has published nothing of note.      Il n'a rien publié d'important.  
→ an ancient chieftain who had done little of note        
   to take note      (=pay attention)   prendre note  
→ Those of you who arrived late, please take note!        
to take note of sth      prendre note de qch  
→ I found that he had taken note of everything I had said.        
        note down    noter  
→ He noted the exact time of the accident.        
→ "meet Julie 1pm" she noted in her diary        
→ a guard came and took our names and noted where each of us was sitting        
→ one policeman was clearly visible noting the number plates of passing cars        
   (=notice)   constater  
→ I noted that the rain had stopped        
→ She noted how he looked pinched and rather tired        
note that ...      notez que ...  
→ Note that the report does not carry any form of official recommendation.        
please note that ...      veuillez noter que ...  
→ Please note that there are a limited number of tickets.        
   (=mention, observe)  
noter, observer  
→ It is important for us to note three basic facts.        
[report]   constater  
→ The report noted a sharp drop in cases of flu.        
→ The report notes that exports increased again last year.        

consignment note  
      n     (COMMERCE)   bordereau    m   d'expédition  
cover note  
      n     (British)   attestation    f   provisoire d'assurance  
credit note  
      n     (British)   avoir    m     
eighth note  
      n     (US)   (=quaver)   croche    f     
half note   , half-note  
      n     (US)   blanche    f     
      n     (British)   portefeuille    m     
      adj   parfait (e)   à la note près  
→ How can he extract note-perfect performances from his cast?        
promissory note  
      n   billet    m   à ordre  
quarter note  
      n     (US)   noire    f     
sick note  
      n     (for work)    certificat    m   médical  ,   (for school)    mot    m   d'absence
sleeve note  
      n     (British)   texte de présentation figurant sur la pochette d'un disque   texte de présentation figurant sur la pochette d'un disque  
suicide note  
      n   lettre    f   de suicide  
whole note  
      n     (US)   ronde    f  
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note ; billet
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