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[location, details, figure, definition, measurements, instructions, plans]  
précis (e)     
→ the precise location of the wreck        
→ He was not clear on the pres ture of his mission.        
→ We will never know the precise details of his death.        
→ I can't give you a precise figure at this stage, but it will be around 95%.        
→ To teach its meaning to a computer we must provide it with a precise definition.        
→ I'll need precise measurements if you want me to buy the wood for you.        
→ Could you give us a precise definition of what you mean by "a reduction in services" here?        
→ They speak very precise English.        
→ I left very precise instructions about how to deal with the invoices.        
→ Have you any precise plans for the next few weeks?        
→ He gave me a very precise route to follow.        
at that precise moment      à cet instant précis  
the precise moment when      le moment précis où  
→ I can remember the precise moment when I first met him.        
to be precise        (adv)    (=in fact)   pour être précis  
→ More than a week ago, Thursday evening to be precise, Susanne was at her evening class.        
→ We had about a dozen people round to dinner, thirteen, to be precise.        
→ I have to be up early, 4 a.m. to be precise.        
   [person]   précis (e)     
He's very precise in everything he does.      Il est très précis dans tout ce qu'il fait.  
→ She explained things, clearly, precisely and patiently. Yes, she was very precise, an uncluttered woman with an uncluttered mind.        
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precise adj.

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à cet instant précis
le moment précis où
clearance rénale de DMSA
Il est très précis dans tout ce qu'il fait.
pour être précis
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