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   (=letters)   caractères    mpl     
in small print      en petits caractères  
→ The print's too small to read.        
high quality print      haute qualité d'impression  
Laser printers are popular because of their high quality print.      Les imprimantes laser sont populaires à cause de leur haute qualité d'impression.  
   to appear in print      (=be published)  
[text, writer]  
être publié (e)     
Many of these poets appeared in print only long after their deaths.      Beaucoup de ces poètes n'ont été publiés que longtemps après leur mort.  
to get into print      [text, writer]   être publié (e)     
   to be in print      (=available)  
être disponible en librairie  
→ Many of their books have been in print for nearly 40 years.        
to be out of print      [book]   être épuisé (e)     
→ The book is out of print but can easily be borrowed from libraries.        
   (=printed fabric)   imprimé    m     
→ Her mother wore one of her dark summer prints.        
→ In this living room we've mixed glorious floral prints.        
   (=engraving)   gravure    f     
→ William Hogarth's famous series of prints        
→ an exhibition of prints        
→ nineteenth-century prints of Venice        
a framed print      une gravure encadrée  
   (=photo)   épreuve    f     
colour prints      des épreuves couleur  
→ black and white prints of Margaret and Jean as children        
   (=mark)   [+animal, fingers, feet]   empreinte    f     
→ The police found a set of prints on the window.        
→ the hoof prints of their horses        
→ The prints of no two animals are alike.        
[dress, apron]  
imprimé (e)     
→ Janet wore a faded print apron.        
→ multi-coloured print jackets        
     (using a machine)    imprimer  
→ He started to print his own posters to distribute abroad.        
→ The Slovene bank has printed a specimen bank note.        
→ He printed two copies of the file.        
to print on sth        [+paper, fabric]   imprimer sur qch  
→ The company has for some time printed its phone number on its products.        
to be printed      [publication]   être imprimé (e)     
→ Ten thousand copies were printed.        
[word, number, motif]   être imprimé (e)     
→ "Ecu" was printed in the corner.        
to be printed on sth      [word, number, motif]   être imprimé (e)   sur qch  
→ the number printed on the receipt        
→ The pattern is printed onto the fabric by hand.        
[publication]   être imprimé (e)     
→ Our brochure is printed on environmentally-friendly paper.        
to be printed with a pattern      comporter un motif imprimé  
→ The shirts were printed with a paisley pattern.        
   (=publish)   publier  
→ We can only print letters which are accompanied by the writer's name and address.        
→ The information was revealed in an article printed in the Times yesterday.        
→ a questionnaire printed in the magazine recently        
   (=write in capitals)   écrire en majuscules  
→ Print your name and address on a postcard and send it to us.        
   [person]   écrire en majuscules  
→ Please print.        
   [machine]   imprimer  
→ machines that can print on both sides of a page        

fine print  
the fine print      [+contract]   les clauses imprimées en petits caractères  
→ It's essential to check on the fine print. Some loans come with compulsory insurance.        
→ The bank's lawyers are poring over the fine print of the stadium's business plan.        
      modif   en gros caractères  
→ A large-print version of this brochure is available        
large print  
in large print      en gros caractères  
→ available in large print, braille or on audio tapes        
print out  
      vt sep   imprimer  
→ Print it out and compare it to the old version of your file.        
→ The images of the moon's surface were transmitted back to earth and printed out.        
→ "You haven't forgotten to switch off your computer, have you?" - "No, it's still printing out those letters."        
print run  
      n   tirage    m     
→ It was launched last year in paperback with an initial print run of 7,000 copies.        
print shop  
      n   imprimerie    f     
print wheel  
      n   marguerite    f     
screen print  
      n   sérigraphie    f     
→ watercolours, screen prints and etchings        
silk-screen print   , silkscreen print  
      n   sérigraphie    f  
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