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   (=non-amateur)   professionnel (le)      m/f     
→ He had been a professional since March 2000.        
→ a competition open to both amateurs and professionals        
→ you can hire the same machines used by professionals at most tool hire centres        
   (=person with a professional job)   professionnel (le)      m/f     
→ every graduate and young professional instinctively puts down `leadership skills" on their CV        
→ She's a highly-qualified professional.        
   (=good, reliable person)   professionnel (le)      m/f     
She's a real professional.      C'est une vraie professionnelle.  
   (=non-amateur)   professionnel (le)     
a professional musician      un musicien professionnel  
→ the insecurities of life as a professional musician        
→ a professional footballer        
to turn professional      [player, athlete]   devenir professionnel (le)     
→ Jack Nicklaus has played in every major championship since he turned professional in 1961.        
[work, performance]  
professionnel (le)     
→ They did a very professional job.        
→ It is a very assured, professional performance.        
a very professional piece of work      un travail très professionnel  
   [opinion, judgement, expertise]   professionnel (le)     
→ It's a question of professional judgement.        
→ It is my professional opinion that there are many environmental risks.        
    professional advice  
    professional misconduct  
[activities, context]  
professionnel (le)     
→ She's very discreet about her professional activities.        
→ I only knew him in a professional context.        
[behaviour, attitude]  
professionnel (le)     
→ He always maintained a very professional attitude.        
→ They are very professional and competent.        
   (=employed in a profession)  
a professional man      un professionnel  
→ cultured and caring professional man (40) with an adventurous mind        
He's a professional man.      C'est un professionnel.  
a professional woman      une professionnelle  
→ "nurses and other professional women        
→ She's also well-liked by working-class and professional women        
→ Although a busy professional woman, she found time for other pursuits        

professional advice  
      n   avis    m   professionnel  
→ I think you need professional advice.        
to take professional advice      obtenir un avis professionnel  
→ Have you thought of taking professional advice?        
→ You should really take professional advice before making any decision.        
to seek professional advice      demander un avis professionnel  
→ She had sought professional advice once before in a similar situation.        
professional foul  
      n   faute    f   délibérée  
professional misconduct  
      n   faute    f   professionnelle  
→ The accusation of professional misconduct came as a shock.        
professional school  
      n     (US)   (=faculty)   faculté de droit ou de médecine   faculté de droit ou de médecine   (=business school)   école    f   supérieure de commerce
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professional n.

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"professional" : exemples et traductions en contexte
We recommend you have this product installed by a professional Dealer Il est recommandé de faire installer ce produit par un professionnel.
The service is completed by professional training courses and further training: Cette proposition sera complétée par une formation professionnelle et continue :
Patients should report any suspected events to their health care professional. Le patient doit signaler tout événement suspect à un professionnel de la santé.
As a fellow chartered professional accountant, I understand these situations. En tant que fellow comptable professionnel agréé, je connais ces situations.
Edson Buddle’s father is a former professional soccer player from Jamaica. Le père d'Edson Buddle est un ancien footballeur professionnel de Jamaïque.
other professional, scientific and technical services; and autres services professionnels, scientifiques et techniques; et
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