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   (=shove)   poussée    f     
→ The referee thought he saw a push.        
to give sb/sth a push      pousser qn/qch  
→ He gave me a sharp push.        
→ She gave the door a gentle push.        
→ My car's broken down. Would you give me a push down the road?        
He gave the sledge a push down the slope.      Il poussa le traîneau en bas de la pente.  
at the push of a button      par simple pression sur un bouton  
→ The gate slid open at the push of a button.        
   (=effort)   coup    m   de collier  
→ I felt I needed a break before the last big push.        
We need just one more push.      Il nous faut juste donner un dernier coup de collier.  
→ The response throughout their last gruelling nine months has been magnificent. We need just one more push.        
a marketing push      un effort de marketing  
The company is preparing for a huge marketing push.      La compagnie se prépare à un énorme effort de marketing.  
a push to do sth      un effort pour faire qch  
→ the governement's big push to promote healthy eating        
→ He met the Irish leader in a final push to save the peace process from collapse.        
→ China was making a big push to upgrade its telecommunications network.        
a push for sth      une poussée vers qch  
→ Quebec's push for independence in 1970        
a push for reform      une poussée vers la réforme  
→ She lead the push for reform of the voting system.        
   at a push      à la limite, à la rigueur  
→ I could get five people in the car at a push.        
→ We could be there by 7 o'clock at a push.        
→ I can sleep six in my flat at a push.        
   *     (British)   (=dismissal)  
to get the push      être viré (e)   *     
to give sb the push      virer qn *     
   (=shove, thrust)  
  [+person, door]  
→ Stop pushing me!        
→ He pushed me!        
   (=cause to move forwards)  
  [+pram, trolley, car]  
→ a woman pushing a supermarket trolley        
to push sb out of the way      écarter qn d'une bourrade  
→ Edward pushed his brother out of the way.        
to push sth out of the way      écarter qch  
to push a door open      pousser une porte pour l'ouvrir  
→ He pushed the door open.        
to push a door shut      pousser une porte pour la fermer  
to push sth into sth      enfoncer qch dans qch  
He pushed his hand into his pocket.      Il enfonça sa main dans sa poche.  
He pushed his feet into his boots.      Ils enfonça ses pieds dans ses bottes.  
to push sb into a room      pousser qn dans une pièce  
to push one's way towards sb/sth      se frayer un chemin jusqu'à qn/qch  
→ He pushed his way towards her, laughing.        
to push o.s. to one's feet      se hisser sur ses pieds  
→ He grabbed his stick, pushed himself to his feet and walked out stiffly.        
   (=press on)  
  [+button, doorbell, buzzer]  
appuyer sur  
→ She pushed the button to call the lift.        
→ He pushed the doorbell.        
   (=advance, promote)  
  [+idea, argument, one's views]  
→ The Home Office began to push the idea of a national satellite TV service.        
  [+product, project]   promouvoir  
→ huge adverts pushing slimming drugs        
→ taking bribes from big business in return for pushing new projects        
to push the case for sth      plaider qch  
They will push the case for reopening the factory.      Ils plaideront la réouverture de l'usine.  
→ They pushed their son because they were ambitious for him.        
→ The teachers used to push us hard.        
to push sb to do sth      pousser qn à faire qch  
My parents are pushing me to go to university.      Mes parents me poussent à entrer à l'université.  
to push sb into doing sth      pousser qn à faire qch  
→ Her parents had pushed her into getting married.        
→ James did not push her into stealing the money.        
to push o.s.      se donner  
→ I think I took on too many challenges in my job, perhaps I pushed myself too hard for too long.        
→ We were observing him on Monday night warming up and he was doing more pre-match exercise than anybody else. He really pushes himself.        
→ When it comes to working out, do you know when to stop? Enthusiasm is great, but pushing yourself too hard is potentially dangerous.        
to push o.s. to the limit      se pousser à bout  
→ He was pushing himself to the limit.        
→ He both kept up with his academic work and pushed himself to the limit physically.        
  [+drugs, cocaine]  
→ She appeared in court, accused of pushing drugs.        
   *, with ages   to be pushing fifty      friser la cinquantaine  
He's pushing forty.      Il frise la quarantaine.  
   (=shove)   pousser  
Don't push!      Arrêtez de pousser!  
to push into a room      faire irruption dans une pièce  
→ Three men pushed into my room, two brandishing rifles.        
to push forward      [person]   se frayer un chemin  
→ Dick pushed forward carrying a glass.        
   (=press)     (on bell, button)    appuyer  
→ Push here.        
→ Turn the handle, lift, and push.        
→ If the car breaks down, we'll just have to get out and push.        
"Push"        (on door)    "Pousser"  
     (on bell)    "Appuyer"  

bell push  
      n     (British)   bouton    m   de sonnette  
push ahead  
to push ahead with sth        [+plans, policies]   poursuivre qch  
→ The Home Secretary vowed to push ahead with his plans despite the defeat.        
→ The governor has vowed to push ahead with the airport.        
→ The government intends to push ahead with its reform programme.        
push around  
      vt sep  
(=pressurize, bully)  

→ We don't like somebody with lots of money trying to push us around.        
He likes pushing people around.      Il aime bien bousculer les gens.  
push aside  
      vt sep  
  [+thought, idea, issue]  
→ These crucial issues tend to get pushed aside and forgotten.        
push back  
      vt sep  
     [+object]   reculer  
→ The woman pushed back her chair and stood up.        
  [+one's hair]   ramener en arrière  
→ She pushed back her hair.        
   to push back the boundaries      repousser les limites  
They have pushed back the boundaries of medical research.      Ils ont repoussé les limites de la recherche médicale.  
push forward       push ahead  
push down  
      vt sep  
  [+prices, costs, interest rates]  
tirer vers le bas  
→ The government had done everything it could to push down inflation.        
New technology and deregulation are pushing down the prices of many goods and services.      Les nouvelles technologies et la dérégulation ont tiré vers le bas les prix de nombreux produits et services.  
push for  
      vt fus  
  [+better pay, conditions]  
→ He is pushing for secret balloting in Party elections.        
→ Keep pushing for everything that you want.        
→ Germany is pushing for direct flights to be established.        
push in  
  (into queue)    forcer le passage  
→ Stop pushing in, and wait your turn.        
push off  
*   (=leave)   ficher le camp *     
→ Then he pushed off, leaving me to do all the washing up.        
push off!      fiche le camp!  
→ Push off. You're not wanted.        
push on  
      vi   (=continue)   pousser plus avant  
→ Although the journey was a long and lonely one, Tumalo pushed on.        
to push on with sth      avancer avec qch  
I've got to push on with this file.      Il faut que j'avance avec ce fichier.  
push over  
      vt sep  
→ She stood up suddenly, pushing the chair over.        
  [+person]   faire tomber  
→ The children were pushing each other over in the sand.        
push through  
      vt sep  
to push one's way through      se frayer un chemin, se frayer un passage  
I pushed my way through.      Je me suis frayé un passage.  
to push one's way through the crowd      se frayer un chemin dans la foule, se frayer un passage dans la foule  
→ She pushed her way through the crowd.        
   (=cause to be accepted)  
  [+measure, legislation]  
faire voter  
→ The vote will enable the Prime Minister to push through tough policies.        
→ The government pushed through legislation to force banks to confront their bad loans.        
   [person]     (through a crowd)    se frayer un chemin, se frayer un passage  
push up  
      vt sep  
  [+total, prices, rate]  
faire monter  
→ This oil boom can only push the basic inflation rate up.        
→ Interest had pushed the loan up to $27,000.        
→ Any shortage could push up grain prices.        
      n     (British)   vélo    m     
à commande automatique  
à touches  
      n     (mainly US)   pompe    f     
to do push-ups      faire des pompes  
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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais-Français
faire monter
passe coulée
[Sport]; [Football]
bouton de sonnette
se bousculer ; se pousser et se bousculer ; se rentrer dedans
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