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   [+game, sport, competition, religion]   règle    f     
→ There's a rule that you aren't allowed to throw the ball from over this line.        
[+school, union, club, company]   règle    f     
→ a school rule        
→ The first rule of the club is: don't talk about the club to anyone.        
Courtesy to others is a very important school rule.      La politesse envers les autres est une règle très importante de l'école.  
the rules of basketball      les règles du basket-ball  
safety rules      les règles de sécurité  
→ to shut down the railways if safety rules are breached.        
rules and regulations      règles et réglementation  
to be against the rules      être contraire au règlement  
→ Strictly speaking, this was against the rules.        
→ It's against the rules to pick up another card.        
It's against the rules.      C'est contraire au règlement.  
to break a rule      enfreindre une règle  
→ You have broken a rule and you must be punished.        
to break the rules      enfreindre les règles  
→ Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished ...        
to bend the rules, to stretch the rules      faire une entorse au règlement  
→ It would help if you could bend the rules in this case.        
   to work to rule        (British)  
faire la grève du zèle  
   [+language, grammar, theory]   règle    f     
→ The rule says that a plural subject must have a plural verb form.        
the rules of grammar      les règles de la grammaire  
→ the rules of quantum theory        
   (=guideline)   règle    f     
→ an important rule is to drink plenty of water during any flight        
The first rule of finance is don't borrow to invest.      La première règle de la finance c'est de ne pas emprunter pour investir.  
as a rule of thumb      en règle générale  
→ As a rule of thumb, a cup of filter coffee contains about 80mg of caffeine.        
by rule of thumb      à vue de nez  
   (=normal state of affairs)   règle    f     
to be the rule      être la règle  
→ For most people, seven hours sleep a night is the rule        
→ Breast feeding is the exception rather than the rule ...        
as a rule      normalement, en règle générale  
→ Doctors are not as a rule trained in child rearing ...        
→ As a rule she eats dinner with us        
   (=system)   système    m     
→ ... the dangers of one-party rule ...        
→ with the end of one-party rule across Yugoslavia        
under British rule      sous mandat britannique  
     [+country]   gouverner  
→ The military government went on ruling the country ...        
→ For four centuries, foreigners have ruled Angola        
     [+household, institution]   dominer  
→ It's his mother who rules the household.        
→ A few bullies think they can rule the school.        
   (=decide)   ordonner  
to rule that      [umpire, judge]   statuer que  
→ The Supreme Court ruled that there was no offence involved.        
   (=govern)   régner  
→ Queen Victoria ruled for many years.        
to rule over        [+place, people]   régner sur  
→ Queen Victoria ruled over a huge empire.        
     (LAW)   (=decide)  
[umpire, judge, court]  
to rule against sth      statuer contre qch  
to rule in favour of sth      statuer en faveur de qch  
→ The home secretary ruled in favour of her staying in Britain.        
to rule on sth      statuer sur qch  
→ The Israeli court has not yet ruled on the case        
→ The court was asked to rule on the case of a British seaman ...        

gag rule   *  
      n     (US)   loi    f   limitant la durée des débats  
golden rule  
      n   règle    f   d'or  
home rule  
      n   autonomie    f     
→ Home rule for Scotland would be accompanied by a similar measure for Wales.        
house rule  
     (in family)    règle    f   de la maison  
→ Decide on your house rules. Now's the time to set your limits        
     (in institution)    No drugs is a house rule.      Les drogues sont interdites ici.  
majority rule  
      n   règle    f   de la majorité  
→ The ANC Executive had said it wanted to re-open the political dialogue to lead to majority rule.        
mob rule  
pejorative   loi    f   de la populace  
→ Judge Denis Clark criticised the growing culture of mob rule after a Liverpool woman who suffered an assault had paint thrown over her car and her name daubed on a shop for being a "grass"        
→ the violence here looks more like mob rule        
→ the prospect of anarchy and mob rule        
rule in  
      vt sep   confirmer  
I cannot rule anything out and I cannot rule anything in.      Je ne peux ni infirmer ni confirmer quoi que ce soit.  
rule out  
      vt sep   exclure  
Murder cannot be ruled out.      L'hypothèse d'un meurtre ne peut être exclue.  
I'm not ruling anything out.      Je n'exclus aucune possibilité.  
to rule sb out of sth        [+game, competition, match]   tenir qn écarté (e)   de qch  
→ Agassi's chest injury ruled him out of the competition        
rule book   , rulebook  
      n   règlement    m     
→ ... one of the most serious offences mentioned in the Party rule book.        
to play by the rule book      s'en tenir au règlement  
→ This was not the time to take risks; he knew he should play it by the rule book.        
rule of law  
the rule of law      l'autorité    f   de la loi  
→ I am confident that we can restore peace, stability and respect for the rule of law.        
slide rule  
      n   règle    f   à calcul
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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais-Français
règle ; autorité
gouverner (vt.) ; décider (vt.) ; juger (+que) (vt.)
gouverner (vt.) ; décider (vt.) ; régner (vi.)
régner (vi.) ; juger (vi.)
statuer sur
règle d'admission
faire la loi
pr. part
divisant pour régner
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