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   (=at that time)   alors  
→ We used to live on a farm then.        
→ I thought she was an idiot then and I think she's an idiot now.        
→ I spent years on the dole and I never worried about money then.        
     (more distant past)    à l'époque, alors
→ Life was simpler then.        
     (future)    à ce moment-là
There was no electricity then.      Il n'y avait pas l'électricité à l'époque.  
I'm coming up on Friday so I'll see you then.      Je viens vendredi donc je te verrai à ce moment-là.  
     (after preposition)    by then        (referring to past)    à ce moment-là  
→ By then I had already spent most of my savings.        
→ They moved there when Nicky was 15 but, by then, he was already keen to leave school.        
→ Martin O'Neill could point to a string of half-chances made during the second half but, by then, Rosenborg were comfortably ahead.        
By then it was too late.      Il était déjà trop tard.,   (referring to future)    d'ici là  
By then we will have finished decorating the house.      D'ici là, nous aurons fini de décorer la maison.  
from then on      dès lors  
→ From then on it was a fight for survival.        
→ And from then on, we'll have to be stricter about late payments.        
before then      avant  
→ I had never met her before then.        
→ I won't see her again before then.        
until then      jusque-là  
→ Until then, he hadn't said he was sorry.        
→ Until then, you must be very careful.        
→ The programme next week goes to Northampton. Until then, goodbye.        
since then      depuis, depuis lors  
→ Since then, Knowles has published around 50 titles        
   (=afterwards)   ensuite, puis  
→ When I've finished painting, what do you want me to do then?        
→ He'll speak first, then Robert's mother, then me.        
→ He thought a bit and then answered.        
→ I'll give him a call and then we'll know what's happening.        
→ I am going to my room to read, and then I will have a sleep.        
I get dressed. Then I have breakfast.      Je m'habille. Ensuite je prends mon petit déjeuner.  
What do you want me to do then?      Que veux-tu que je fasse ensuite?  
and then what?      et puis après?  
→ So, you defrost the meat, and then what?        
   (=in that case)   alors  
"My pen's run out." -- "Use a pencil then!"      "Il n'y a plus d'encre dans mon stylo." -- "Alors utilise un crayon!"  
What do you want me to do then?      Bon alors, qu'est-ce que tu veux que je fasse?  
if ... then ...      si ... alors ...  
If the answer is `yes', then we must act now.      Si la réponse est oui, alors il nous faut agir maintenant.  
   (=therefore)   donc  
→ These, then, are some of the feelings you may experience        
This, then, is what you must do.      C'est donc ça que tu dois faire.  
     (introducing comment, new topic)    ... and then ...      (=and in addition)   ... et puis ...  
→ We have a lot of reading to do, and then we have our ongoing work too.        
but then      (=however)   mais enfin  
→ He sounded sincere, but then, he always did        
now then, ...      alors, ...  
→ Now then, what's wrong?        
well then, ...      bien alors, ...  
→ Well then, I'll put the kettle on        
okay then, ...      bon alors, ...  
→ Okay then, which do you want?        
     (rounding off conversation)    alors  
He stood up. "That's settled then."      Il se leva. "C'est entendu alors."  
Bye bye then.      Bon alors au revoir.  
      adj   d'alors, de l'époque  
→ the Race Relations Act of 1976, enacted by the then Labour Government        
the then president      le président de l'époque, le président d'alors  
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à ce moment-là
d'ici là
mais (à vrai dire)
à l'époque
avant cela
mais d'un autre côté
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