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1    abode, domicile, dwelling, dwelling place, habitation, house, pad     (slang)   residence  
2    birthplace, family, fireside, hearth, homestead, home town, household  
3    abode, element, environment, habitat, habitation, haunt, home ground, range, stamping ground, territory  
4    at home:     
a    available, in, present  
b    at ease, comfortable, familiar, relaxed  
c    entertaining, giving a party, having guests, receiving  
d      (as a noun)    party, reception, soirée  
5    at home in, on, or with      conversant with, familiar with, knowledgeable, proficient, skilled, well-versed  
6    bring home to      drive home, emphasize, impress upon, make clear, press home  
7    central, domestic, familiar, family, household, inland, internal, local, national, native  
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  ( homes    plural  )   (NOUN, ADJECTIVE, AND ADVERB USES)  
1       n-count   Someone's home    is the house or flat where they live.      
oft poss N, also at N  
Last night they stayed at home and watched TV..., ...his home in Hampstead., ...the allocation of land for new homes.     
2       n-uncount   You can use home    to refer in a general way to the house, town, or country where someone lives now or where they were born, often to emphasize that they feel they belong in that place.      
She gives frequent performances of her work, both at home and abroad..., His father worked away from home for much of Jim's first five years..., Warwick is home to some 550 international students...     
3       adv   Home means to or at the place where you live.  
ADV after v, be ADV  
His wife wasn't feeling too well and she wanted to go home..., Hi, Mom, I'm home!...     
4       adj   Home means made or done in the place where you live.  
ADJ n but healthy home cooking..., All you have to do is make a home video.     
5       adj   Home means relating to your own country as opposed to foreign countries.  
ADJ n   (=domestic)  
Europe's software companies still have a growing home market.     
6       n-count   A home    is a large house or institution where a number of people live and are looked after, instead of living in their own houses or flats. They usually live there because they are too old or ill to look after themselves or for their families to care for them. old people's home.     
7       n-count   You can refer to a family unit as a home   .      
She had, at any rate, provided a peaceful and loving home for Harriet...     
8       n-sing   If you refer to the home   of something, you mean the place where it began or where it is most typically found.      
with supp, usu N of n  
This south-west region of France is the home of claret.     
9       n-count   If you find a home   for something, you find a place where it can be kept.      
oft N for n  
The equipment itself is getting smaller, neater and easier to find a home for.     
10       adv   If you press, drive, or hammer something home   , you explain it to people as forcefully as possible.      
ADV after v  
It is now up to all of us to debate this issue and press home the argument.     
11       n-uncount   When a sports team plays athome   , they play a game on their own ground, rather than on the opposing team's ground.      
usu at N  
I scored in both games against Barcelona; we drew at home and beat them away.     
      Home is also an adjective., adj   ADJ n     (Antonym: away)    All three are Chelsea fans, and attend all home games together.     
12    If you feel at home, you feel comfortable in the place or situation that you are in.  
at home      phrase   v-link PHR  
He spoke very good English and appeared pleased to see us, and we soon felt quite at home...     
13    To bring something home   to someone means to make them understand how important or serious it is.      
bring sth home      phrase   V inflects, usu PHR to n  
Their sobering conversation brought home to everyone present the serious and worthwhile work the Red Cross does.     
14    If you say that someone is, in British English home and dry, or in American English home free, you mean that they have been successful or that they are certain to be successful.  
home and dry, home free      phrase   v-link PHR  
The prime minister and the moderates are not yet home and dry.     
15    If a situation or what someone says hits home or strikes home, people accept that it is real or true, even though it may be painful for them to realize.  
hit/strike home      phrase   V inflects  
Did the reality of war finally hit home?...     
16    You can say a home from home in British English or a home away from home in American English to refer to a place in which you are as comfortable as in your own home.  
a home from home      phrase   usu v-link PHR     (approval)    Many cottages are a home from home, offering microwaves, dishwashers, tvs and videos.     
17    If you say to a guest `Make yourself at home', you are making them feel welcome and inviting them to behave in an informal, relaxed way.  
make yourself at home      convention  
18    If you say that something is nothing to write home about, you mean that it is not very interesting or exciting.  
nothing to write home about      phrase   v-link PHR  
So a dreary Monday afternoon in Walthamstow is nothing to write home about, right?     
19    If something that is thrown or fired strikes home, it reaches its target.  
strike home      phrase   V inflects  
Only two torpedoes struck home.     

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home          [2]     ( homes    3rd person present)   ( homing    present participle)   ( homed    past tense & past participle  )   (PHRASAL VERB USES)   home in  
1       phrasal verb   If you home inon one particular aspect of something, you give all your attention to it.  
The critics immediately homed in on the group's newly-elected members.      V P on n  
2       phrasal verb   If something such as a missile homes inon something else, it is aimed at that thing and moves towards it.  
Two rockets homed in on it from behind without a sound...      V P on n  

Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Anglais pour Apprenants  

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homebound adj.
forced by a medical condition to spend most of the time home

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Synonymes
home is the best place to be no matter where it is
care home
Port Out Starboard Home
Folk etymology: rich ship passengers paid for cabins on the side most in shadow. Supposedly shortened to P.O.S.H on tickets. No evidence for this origin; the word comes from 19th century slang.
Chick for home decorating
informal name given to footwear items like socks, home foot covers or plastic foot covers used for hygienical reasons
a false acronym created "backwards", i.e. from a phrase deliberately invented to generate the acronym, e.g. posh "port out starboard home".
stereotypical belief that disconsiders in terms of intellectual and physical qualities women who stay home to look after their children
parent whose children no longer live in the family home
George is home and dry! Le hardeux de boulevard Barcelone Toulouse Matabiau _in facts!
care provided for old or sick people or children in a residential facility ("home")
feeling of emptiness experienced by parents after the children leave their home
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