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1    assortment, batch, bunch     (informal)   collection, consignment, crowd, group, quantity, set  
2    accident, chance, destiny, doom, fate, fortune, hazard, plight, portion  
3    allowance, cut     (informal)   parcel, part, percentage, piece, portion, quota, ration, share  
4    a lot or lots      abundance, a great deal, an arm and a leg     (informal)   heap(s), large amount, load(s)     (informal)   masses     (informal)   numbers, ocean(s), oodles     (informal)   piles     (informal)   plenty, quantities, reams     (informal)   scores, stack(s)  
5    draw lots      choose, cut for aces, cut straws     (informal)   decide, pick, select, spin a coin, toss up  
6    throw in one's lot with      ally or align oneself with, join, join forces with, join fortunes with, make common cause with, support  
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  ( lots    plural  )
1       quant   A lot of something or lots of it is a large amount of it. A lot of people or things, or lots of them, is a large number of them.  
QUANT of n  
A lot of our land is used to grow crops for export..., I remember a lot of things..., `You'll find that everybody will try and help their colleague.'—`Yeah. There's a lot of that.'..., He drank lots of milk..., A lot of the play is very funny.     
      Lot is also a pronoun., pron  
There's lots going on at Selfridges this month..., I learned a lot from him about how to run a band..., I know a lot has been said about my sister's role in my career.     
2       adv   A lot means to a great extent or degree.  
ADV after v, oft ADV compar  
Matthew's out quite a lot doing his research..., I like you, a lot..., If I went out and accepted a job at a lot less money, I'd jeopardize a good career.     
3       adv   If you do something a lot, you do it often or for a long time.  
ADV after v  
They went out a lot, to the Cafe Royal or the The Ivy..., He talks a lot about his own children.     
4       n-count   You can use lot to refer to a set or group of things or people.  
num N, oft N of n  
He bought two lots of 1,000 shares in the company during August and September..., We've just sacked one lot of builders.     
5       n-sing   You can refer to a specific group of people as a particular lot.  
INFORMAL   adj N   (=bunch)  
Future generations are going to think that we were a pretty boring lot.     
6       n-sing   You can use the lot to refer to the whole of an amount that you have just mentioned.  
INFORMAL   the N  
Instead of using the money to pay his rent, he went to a betting shop and lost the lot in half an hour.     
7       n-sing   Your lot is the kind of life you have or the things that you have or experience.  
usu with poss  
She tried to accept her marriage as her lot in life but could not...     
8       n-count   A lot is a small area of land that belongs to a person or company.  
If oil or gold are discovered under your lot, you can sell the mineral rights.     
    parking lot  
9       n-count   A lot in an auction is one of the objects or groups of objects that are being sold.  
The receivers are keen to sell the stores as one lot...     
10    If people draw lots to decide who will do something, they each take a piece of paper from a container. One or more pieces of paper is marked, and the people who take marked pieces are chosen.  
draw lots      phrase   V inflects  
For the first time in a World Cup finals, lots had to be drawn to decide who would finish second and third.     
11    If you throw in your lot with a particular person or group, you decide to work with them and support them from then on, whatever happens.  
throw in ones's lot with      phrase   V inflects, PHR n   (=join forces with)  
He has decided to throw in his lot with the far-right groups in parliament.     

job lot        ( job lots    plural  ) A job lot is a number of cheap things of low quality which are sold together, for example in auctions or second-hand shops.      n-count  
parking lot        ( parking lots    plural  ) A parking lot is an area of ground where people can leave their cars.  
  (AM)      n-count  
A block up the street I found a parking lot.     
in BRIT, use car park     

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Synonymes
quite a lot
we came in for a fair bit of criticism; I've travelled in Asia a fair bit
be very expensive; cost a lot
make a lot of efforts to understand something
Mutual trust and friendship among people spending a lot of time together. Another term for camaraderie.
[US] [mass noun] Ex: That teamsport is an ideal pastime for the young people, an opportunity to socialise and make new friends in a strong spirit of comradery
using a lot of people (Internet users mostly) to contribute to a collective work. For example Wikipedia uses crowdsourcing
a lot; very much; in a great quantity; endlessly
[Fig.] E.g. love someone to the moon and back=love someone very much
if people live in each other's pocket, they spend a lot of time together
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
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