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1    bare, buck naked     (slang)   denuded, disrobed, divested, exposed, in one's birthday suit     (informal)   in the altogether     (informal)   in the bare scud     (slang)   in the buff     (informal)   in the raw     (informal)   naked as the day one was born     (informal)   nude, scuddy     (slang)   starkers     (informal)   stripped, unclothed, unconcealed, uncovered, undraped, undressed, without a stitch on     (informal)  
2    blatant, evident, manifest, open, overt, patent, plain, simple, stark, unadorned, undisguised, unexaggerated, unmistakable, unqualified, unvarnished  
3    defenceless, helpless, insecure, unarmed, unguarded, unprotected, vulnerable, wide open  
1    clothed, concealed, covered, dressed, wrapped up  
2    concealed  

buck naked     (slang)   in a state of nature, in one's birthday suit     (informal)   in the altogether     (informal)   in the bare scud     (slang)   in the buff     (informal)   in the raw     (informal)   naked, naked as the day one was born     (informal)   nude, scuddy     (slang)   stark, starkers     (informal)   stripped, unclad, undressed, without a stitch on     (informal)  
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1       adj   Someone who is naked is not wearing any clothes.  
ADJ n, ADJ after v, v-link ADJ  
Her naked body was found wrapped in a sheet in a field..., The hot paving stones scorched my naked feet..., They stripped me naked..., He stood naked in front of me.     
  nakedness      n-uncount   oft poss N  
He had pulled the blanket over his body to hide his nakedness.     
    stark naked  
2       adj   If an animal or part of an animal is naked, it has no fur or feathers on it.  
The nest contained eight little mice that were naked and blind.     
3       adj   You can describe an object as naked when it does not have its normal covering.  
usu ADJ n  
...a naked bulb dangling in a bare room...     
4       adj   You can use naked to describe unpleasant or violent actions and behaviour which are not disguised or hidden in any way.     (JOURNALISM)   ADJ n   (=blatant)  
Naked aggression and an attempt to change frontiers by force could not go unchallenged.     
5    If you say that something cannot be seen bythe naked eye, you mean that it cannot be seen without the help of equipment such as a telescope or microscope.  
the naked eye      phrase   usu to/with/by PHR  
There's so much going on that you can't see with the naked eye.     

stark naked     
Someone who is stark naked is completely naked.      adj   ADJ after v, v-link ADJ     (emphasis)    All contestants competed stark naked.     

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! in the land where you go naked, who is dressed goes crazy n.
au pays où l'on va nu, celui qui est habillé passe pour un fou

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