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spesso ed dav a vocale     
a    and  
io e te      me and you  
Davide ed un suo amico      David and a friend of his  
un metro e novanta      one metre ninety  
ho speso 3 euro e settanta centesimi      I spent 3 euros seventy cents  
ho pagato quattro sterline e cinquanta      I paid four pounds fifty  
tutt'e tre      all three of them  
tutt'e due      both (of them)  
è bell'e fatto      it's well and truly finished  
mi piace molto, e a te?      I like it a lot, what about you?  
io non ci vado, e tu?      I'm not going, how about you?  
b      (avversativo)    but  ,   (eppure)    and yet
lo credevo onesto e non lo è      I thought he was honest but he isn't  
sapeva di sbagliare e l'ha fatto ugualmente      he knew it was a mistake but he did it all the same  
c      (ebbene)    well, well then  
e deciditi dunque!      well make up your mind then!  
e smettila!      stop it!  

Lingua e Funzioni       Language in Use  
*    To complete the alphabetical dictionary, you will find in this section phrases and idioms divided into 27 topics to help English speakers to communicate more easily in Italian. You can access a topic by a simple click on the following links or choose from the index on the left of your screen. "Lingua e Funzioni" provides you with a list from which you may choose the most appropriate formulation for the situation you are dealing with: "applying for a job", "expressing doubt", "making suggestions"...  
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*    "Lingua e Funzioni" has been compiled using vast linguistic databases of contemporary Italian and English. The examples have been selected from a wide variety of different sources: fiction and non-fiction, magazines and newspapers, business and personal correspondence, and spoken material gathered from real-life conversations, radio and television programmes. This means you can always be sure that the phrases you choose are idiomatic and up-to-date.  
*    The core translation which follows each phrase acts as point of reference rather than as a direct equivalent. "Lingua e Funzioni" provides guidance as to whether a phrase should be used in a familiar or formal context, whether it expresses the message directly or indirectly.  
*    The content of "Lingua e Funzioni" is included in the "full text" search. The linking of the text between the bilingual dictionary and "Lingua e Funzioni" allows you to navigate directly in the same page from a single concept word to an idiomatic expression for the same entry. Each word coming from "Lingua e Funzioni" is indicated by a bullet.  
E   , e      sf o m inv  
E, e  
E come Empoli      ~E for Edward   (Brit)  , E for Easy   (Am)     
E      abbr   (   Est)      E  
è      vb  
E/C      abbr       estratto conto  
e-commerce      sm   e-commerce  
e.g.      abbr   (   exempli gratia)      e.g.  
e-learning      sm inv   e-learning  
e-mail   , email  
1       sf inv     (messaggio, sistema)    email
2       agg inv     (indirizzo)    email  
gratta e vinci      sm inv  
scratchcard  ,   (lotteria)    scratchcard lottery
i.e.      abbr   (   id est = cioè)      i.e.  
mangia-e-bevi      sm inv  
ice-cream sundae  
N.d.E.      abbr   (   nota dell'editore)      publisher's note  
radi e getta      agg inv  
rasoio radi e getta      disposable o throwaway razor  
S.E.eO.      abbr   (   salvo errori e omissioni)      E and OE  
tira e molla      sm inv       tiremmolla  
usa e getta      agg inv  
  (rasoio, siringa)   
disposable, throwaway  
va e vieni      sm inv  
  (di persone)   
coming and going
Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Italien - Anglais  
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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Italien-Anglais
shut up & eat
and that's the end of/to the matter! ; and that's flat! ; and that's it!
n. adj.
carrier of germs and bacteria
discriminate on grounds of race and religion
'E' également trouvé dans les traductions du dictionnaire Anglais-Italien
passo e chiudo
italiano volgare e violento; mangiaspaghetti
[Pej.];[Slang] Termine spregiativo per indicare popolazioni europee neolatine e in particolare gli italiani
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