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1       adj   obvious  
sein Zögern machte offenbar, dass ...      it showed or was obvious from the way he hesitated that ...  
offenbar werden      to become obvious or clear, to emerge  
2       adv   (=vermutlich)   apparently  
er hat offenbar den Zug verpasst      he must have missed the train  
da haben Sie sich offenbar geirrt      you seem to have made a mistake  
Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Allemand - Anglais  
offenbar werden exp.
to become obvious {or} clear ; to emerge

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you seem to have made a mistake
he must have missed the train
she obviously didn't mean all that much to him
it showed {or} was obvious from the way he hesitated that ...
but we were evidently not destined to be so lucky
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"offenbar" : exemples et traductions en contexte
Dieses Raster war offenbar ein Werkzeugbauplatz. This grid was apparently a tool manufacturing site.
Wir sind offenbar kein schlechtes Team. Apparently, we don't make a bad team.
Aber offenbar sind es einige nicht. But, obviously, half of them aren't.
Sie wollen offenbar auf den Fall aufmerksam machen. They're obviously trying to focus attention on their son's case.
Sie suchen hier nach Frauen, die offenbar kein Date haben. You come in here looking for a girl renting a movie. Clearly, she doesn't have a date for the night.
Auf dem Handy sind offenbar nicht nur Fotos. Whatever's on the phone, it's clearly not just photographs.
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