Le dictionnaire collaboratif Anglais-Allemand: des traductions ou définitions ajoutées par nos utilisateurs


a {or} one hundred and... a {or} one hundred and... a {or} one hundred per... a {or} one hundred per... a {or} one hundred tho...
a {or} one hundred years a {or} one thousandth ... a £250 million cash in... a £5 note a 1% cut in interest r...
a 10 per cent discount a 10-power magnification a 12 bore shotgun a 12-point plan a 2-0 situation
a 200 horsepower car/e... a 20-mile walk along t... a 21-gun salute a 2-hour stint a 30 mile an {or} per ...
a 30 mph speed limit a 30-metre throw a 30-piece dinner service a 40-megabyte memory a 40-mile limit
a 50p piece a 5mm mesh screen a 6 ft tall man a 6 metre square a 6-roomed house
A and B are in apposition A and B are of equal v... a baby at the crawling... a backward glance a backward step
a bad workman always b... a bad-ass kid a badly mistimed polit... a badly sited building a badly typed letter
a baffled look a bag for carrying books a bagful of groceries a balance of trade sur... a balding gentleman
a ball in the grand ma... a ban on smoking a banker's reference a bar of chocolate a bar of soap
a barbiturate overdose a bare majority a bare subsistence wage a bare ten centimetres... a bareback rider
a barrier to success/p... a basket of currencies a basket of eggs a basketful of food a basketwork chair
a bastard of a job {etc} a battle of wits a beam of delight a beaten man a beautiful {or} fine ...
a beautiful silver-ton... a beautiful sweep of h... a beautifully marked bird a bed for the night a bed of clay
a bed of nails a bed of rice a beer can a bell summoned them t... a bespoke tailor
a bestselling novel a betrayal of trust a better deal for the ... a bicycle with three g... a biff on the nose
a big {or} great fat lump a big {or} wide reader... a big cheese a big juicy kiss a big man
a big noise a big oil strike a big pot a big splurge on publi... a big step up the ladder
a big 'un a big-hipped woman a big-time politician a bird of ill omen a bit
a bit light in the head a bit of a crack/bruis... a bit of a wag a bit of advice/luck/news a bit of an exaggeration
a bit of bread a bit of fluff a bit of skirt a bit of skulduggery a black and white
a blank space a blanket of snow/fog a blast from the past a blast of wind a blaze of colour {or}...
a blaze of lights a blazing inferno a blend of tea a blighty one a blind man/woman
a blithering idiot a blood stain a blot on his career a blot on the landscape a blow below the belt
a blow without much we... a blues a blur of colours {or}... a blush suffused her face a boat carrying missil...
a boat nosed through t... a body of facts/eviden... a body of laws/legisla... a body of troops a book in soft covers
a book on German grammar a book on language a book on witchcraft a book review full of ... a book with gilt edges
a book with humorous t... a book with some meat ... a bookable offence {or... a bookish word a boozy person
a borderline case a botched job a bottle of wine a bottle-fed baby a bottomless pit
a bout of fever/rheuma... a bow and arrow a bowdlerized version a bowel movement a bowl of milk
a box of colours a boxer who makes ever... a boxer with the kille... a boy aged ten a brain tumour
a branch weighed down ... a brazen {or} wanton h... a breach of confidence... a breach of etiquette a breach of law
a breach of rule a breach of security a breach of the queen'... a breed apart a bright spark
a brighter shade of red a brighter tomorrow a brilliant but inarti... a brilliant piece of d... a brilliant piece of e...
a brilliantly original... a brisk walk will blow... a broad church a broad driveway sweep... a broad racial mix
a broken reed a bucket of water a building in desperat... a building said to hav... a bull elephant
a bulletin to the media a bumper potato harvest a bunch of fives a bunch of flowers a bunch of grapes
a bunch of roses a bundle of a bundle of fun a burst {or} blown tyre a burst of automatic g...
a bus/train journey a busload of children a busman's holiday a buzzer sounded dista... a cake with three tiers
a calculated insult a calculated risk a call for help a call through the ope... a callow youth

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