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, L  
      n   pl   , l's, L's, Ls  
1    the 12th letter and ninth consonant of the modern English alphabet  
2    a speech sound represented by this letter, usually a lateral, as in label  
a    something shaped like an L  
b    (in combination)  
an L-shaped room     

B/L   , b/l, b.l.   pl   , Bs/L, bs/l, bs.l  
      abbrev. for   bill of lading  
      abbrev. for   bills of lading  
      abbrev. for   demand loan  
      symbol for  
1    litre  
2      (Physics)   lepton number  
      symbol for  
1    ell (unit)  
2    lambert(s)  
3    large  
4    Latin  
5    (on British motor vehicles) learner driver  
6      (Physics)   length  
7    live  
8      (Currency)  
a    Usually written £. pound  
     (Latin libra)  
b    lempira  
c    lek  
d    leu  
e    lire  
9      (Aeronautics)   lift  
10      (Electronics)   inductor (in circuit diagrams)  
11      (Physics)   latent heat  
12      (Physics)   self-inductance  
13      (Chem)   the Avogadro constant  
      the roman numeral for   50  
   See       Roman numerals  
      international car registration for   Luxembourg  
L.   , l.  
      abbrev. for  
1    lake  
2    law  
3    leaf  
4    league  
5    left  
6    length  
7    liber  
     (Latin: book)  
8    pl   , LL, ll   line  
9    link  
10    low  
      abbrev. for  
1      (Politics)   Liberal  
2    (in titles) Licentiate  
3    Linnaeus  
4    (fraternal) Lodge  
L/C   , l/c, lc  
      abbrev. for   letter of credit  
      n      a variant spelling of       lechaim  
      abbrev. for   lance corporal  
L-D converter  
      n     (Metallurgy)   a vessel in which steel is made from pig iron by blowing oxygen into the molten metal through a water-cooled tube  
     (C20: L(inz)-D(onawitz), from the Austrian towns of Linz and Donawitz, where the process was first used successfully)  
      n   a substance occurring naturally in the body and used to treat Parkinson's disease. Formula: C9H11NO4,   (Also called)    levodopa  
     (C20: from L-d(ihydr)o(xy)p(henyl)a(lanine))  
      n     (Brit)   a learner-driver: a person who is learning to drive, has not yet passed the official driving test, and must be accompanied by a qualified driver and display L-plates on the car  
L/P     (Printing)  
      abbrev. for   letterpress  
      n     (Brit)   a white rectangle with an ``L'' sign fixed to the back and front of a motor vehicle; a red ``L'' sign is used to show that a driver using it is a learner who has not passed the driving test; a green ``L'' sign may be displayed by new drivers for up to a year after passing the driving test  
      abbrev. for   Liverpool  
L.S.D.   , £.s.d., l.s.d.     (in Britain, esp. formerly)  
      abbrev. for   librae, solidi, denarii  
     (Latin: pounds, shillings, pence)  
P & L  
      abbrev. for   profit and loss  
q.l.     (in prescriptions)  
      abbrev. for   quantum libet  
     (Latin: as much as you please)  
Toussaint L'Ouverture     (French)  
      n   Pierre Dominique (pjɛr dɔminik). ?1743--1803, Haitian revolutionary leader. He was made governor of the island by the French Revolutionary government (1794) and expelled the Spanish and British but when Napoleon I proclaimed the re-establishment of slavery he was arrested. He died in prison in France  
trompe l'oeil     (French)  
      n   pl   , trompe l'oeils  
1    a painting or decoration giving a convincing illusion of reality  
2    an effect of this kind  
     (from French, literally: deception of the eye)  
Villiers de l'Isle Adam     (French)  
      n   August, Comte de (ogyst, kɔ̃t də). 1838--89, French poet and dramatist; pioneer of the symbolist movement. His works include Contes cruels (1883) and the play Axel (1885)  
w.l.   , WL  
      abbrev. for   water line  
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