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1    Arthur Holly. 1892--1962, U.S. physicist, noted for his research on X-rays, gamma rays, and nuclear energy: Nobel prize for physics 1927  
2    Denis. 1918--97, English cricketer, who played for Middlesex and England (1937--57); broke two records in 1947 scoring 3816 runs and 18 centuries in one season  

      n   Dame Ivy. 1884--1969, English novelist. Her novels include Men and Wives (1931) and Mother and Son (1955)  
Compton effect  
      n   a phenomenon in which a collision between a photon and a particle results in an increase in the kinetic energy of the particle and a corresponding increase in the wavelength of the photon  
     (C20: named after A. H. Compton)  
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