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Congressional Record


      n   (in the U.S.) the government journal that publishes all proceedings of Congress  
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1    a meeting or conference, esp. of representatives of a number of sovereign states  
2    a national legislative assembly  
3    a society or association  
4    sexual intercourse  
     (C16: from Latin congressus from congredi to meet with, from com- together + gradi to walk, step)  

African National Congress  
      n   (in South Africa) a political party, founded in 1912 as an African nationalist movement and banned there from 1960 to 1990 because of its active opposition to apartheid: in 1994 won South Africa's first multiracial elections,   (Abbrev.)    ANC  
1    the bicameral federal legislature of the U.S., consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate  
2    this body during any two-year term  
3      (Also called)    Congress Party   (in India) a major political party, which controlled the Union government from 1947 to 1977,   (Official name)    Indian National Congress  
   Congressional             adj  
Congress of Industrial Organizations  
      n   (in the U.S.) a federation of industrial unions formed in 1935. It united with the AFL in 1955 to form the AFL-CIO,   (Abbrev.)    CIO  
Congress of Vienna  
      n   the European conference held at Vienna from 1814--15 to settle the territorial problems left by the Napoleonic Wars  
Continental Congress  
      n   the assembly of delegates from the North American rebel colonies held during and after the War of American Independence. It issued the Declaration of Independence (1776) and framed the Articles of Confederation (1777)  
Indian National Congress  
      n   the official name for Congress (the political party)  
Member of Congress  
      n   a member of the U.S. Congress, esp. of the House of Representatives  
Trades Union Congress  
      n   the major association of British trade unions, which includes all the larger unions,   (Abbrev.)    TUC  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  

Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
Online journal where the writer presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs
Ex: In 2004, blogs were becoming highly popular and began to influence mainstream media. Also: weblog. Ex: He sent her an e-mail after googling her name and finding her weblog.
verification conducted by police to find out if a person has a criminal record or not.
Usually requested by an individual for new employment, citizenship applications, name changes, etc.
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