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      n   a walled city in NE Algeria: built on an isolated rock; military and trading centre. Pop.: 440842 (1987)  

Constantine I  
1    known as Constantine the Great. Latin name Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus. ?280--337 a.d., first Christian Roman emperor (306--337): moved his capital to Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople (330)  
2    1868--1923, king of Greece (1913--17; 1920--22): deposed (1917), recalled by a plebiscite (1920), but forced to abdicate again (1922) after defeat by the Turks  
Constantine II  
      n   official title Constantine XIII. born 1940, king of Greece (1964--73): went into exile when the army seized power in 1967. He was officially deposed in 1973 and Greece became a republic  
Constantine VII  
      n   known as Porphyrogenitus. 905--59 a.d., Byzantine emperor (913--59) and scholar: his writings are an important source for Byzantine history  
Constantine XI  
      n   1404--53, last Byzantine emperor (1448--53): killed when Constantinople was captured by the Turks  
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