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1    the chief port of the Philippines, on S Luzon on Manila Bay: capital of the republic until 1948 and from 1976; seat of the Far Eastern University and the University of Santo Tomas (1611). Pop.: 1894667 (1991 est.), with a conurbation of 8594150 (1994 est.)  
2    a type of cigar made in this city  
3    often not cap      short for       Manila hemp       Manila paper  

Manila Bay  
      n   an almost landlocked inlet of the South China Sea in the Philippines, in W Luzon: mostly forms Manila harbour. Area: 1994 sq. km (770 sq. miles)  
Manila hemp   , Manilla hemp  
      n   a fibre obtained from the plant abaca, used for rope, paper, etc.  
Manila paper   , Manilla paper  
      n   a strong usually brown paper made from Manila hemp or similar fibres  
Manila rope   , Manilla rope  
      n   rope of Manila hemp  
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