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1    called the Maid of Norway. ?1282--90, queen of Scotland (1286--90); daughter of Eric II of Norway. Her death while sailing to England to marry the future Edward II led Edward I to declare dominion over Scotland  
2    1353--1412, queen of Sweden (1388--1412) and regent of Norway and Denmark (1380--1412), who united the three countries under her rule  
3    Princess. born 1930, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  

Margaret of Anjou  
      n   1430--82, queen of England. She married the mentally unstable Henry VI of England in 1445 to confirm the truce with France during the Hundred Years' War. She became a leader of the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Roses and was defeated at Tewkesbury (1471) by Edward IV  
Margaret of Navarre  
      n     (Also called)    Margaret of Angoulême   1492--1549, queen of Navarre (1544--49) by marriage to Henry II of Navarre; sister of Francis I of France. She was a poet, a patron of humanism, and author of the Heptaméron (1558)  
Margaret of Scotland  
      n   Saint. 1045--93, queen consort of Malcolm III of Scotland. Her piety and benefactions to the church led to her canonization (1250). Feast days: June 10, Nov. 16  
Margaret of Valois  
      n   1553--1615, daughter of Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici; queen of Navarre (1572) by marriage to Henry of Navarre. The marriage was dissolved (1599) after his accession as Henry IV of France: noted for her Mémoires  
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