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      n   1875--1938, queen consort of Ferdinand I of Romania. A granddaughter of Queen Victoria, she secured Romania's support for the Allies in World War I  

bain-marie     (French)  
      n   pl   , bains-marie   a vessel for holding hot water, in which sauces and other dishes are gently cooked or kept warm  
     (C19: from French, from Medieval Latin balneum Mariae, literally: bath of Mary, inaccurate translation of Medieval Greek kaminos Marios, literally: furnace of Miriam, alleged author of a treatise on alchemy)  
Marie Antoinette     (French)  
      n   1755--93, queen of France (1774--93) by marriage to Louis XVI of France. Her opposition to reform during the Revolution contributed to the overthrow of the monarchy; guillotined  
Marie Byrd Land  
      n      the former name of       Byrd Land  
Marie de France     (French)  
      n   12th century a.d., French poet, who probably lived in England; noted for her lais (verse narratives) based on Celtic tales  
Marie Galante     (French)  
      n   an island in the E Caribbean southeast of Guadeloupe, of which it is a dependency. Chief town: Grand Bourg. Pop.: 13463 (1990). Area: 155 sq. km (60 sq. miles)  
Marie Louise     (French)  
      n   1791--1847, empress of France (1811--15) as the second wife of Napoleon I; daughter of Francis I of Austria. On Napoleon's abdication (1815) she became Duchess of Parma  
Sault Sainte Marie  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , Sault Ste Marie  
1    an inland port in central Canada, in Ontario on the St. Mary's River, which links Lake Superior and Lake Huron, opposite Sault Ste Marie, Michigan: canal bypassing the rapids completed in 1895. Pop.: 81476 (1991)  
2    an inland port in NE Michigan, opposite Sault Ste Marie, Ontario: canal around the rapids completed in 1855, enlarged and divided in 1896 and 1919 (popularly called Soo Canals). Pop.: 14689 (1990)  
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