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      adj   of, relating to, or characteristic of war, soldiers, or the military life  
     (C14: from Latin martialis of Mars1)  
  martialism      n  
  martialist      n  
  martially      adv  
  martialness      n  

court martial


      n   pl   , court martials, courts martial  
1    a military court that tries persons subject to military law  
      vb   , court-martial, -tials, -tialling, -tialled  
     (U.S.)   , -tials, -tialing, -tialed  
2    tr   to try by court martial  
drumhead court-martial  
      n   a military court convened to hear urgent charges of offences committed in action  
     (C19: from the use of a drumhead as a table around which the court-martial was held)  
Martial   [1]  
      adj   of or relating to Mars  
Martial   [2]  
      n   full name Marcus Valerius Martialis. ?40--?104 a.d., Latin epigrammatist and poet, born in Spain  
martial art  
      n   any of various philosophies of self-defence and techniques of single combat, such as judo or karate, originating in the Far East  
martial law  
      n   the rule of law established and maintained by the military in the absence of civil law  
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